Saturday, March 18, 2017

Dreaming Of The Smell Of Ripe Tomatoes

Gosh I wish it were warmer. This week I've painted up ripe tomatoes and I miss that smell. It's such a unique scent when you put your nose right up to where the stem meets ripe flesh. There's nothing better in the hot summer months. I have plans to can my own salsa and tomato sauce.

Last year I made my own catsup. Holy cow it's so good I really do eat it with a spoon! It's so much better than the bottled stuff you buy. This year, since the catsup (or tomato jam, as I call it) was so successful I'm also planning on making my own spiced tomato paste. It'll be a lot of boiling down of bushels of fresh, ripe tomatoes but I know it'll be worth it. Now all we have to do is put a bums rush on summer. Maybe if we all boycott winter together mother nature will get the message that we've had enough cold. I think I'll have to text her and complain. ;o)

Anyway, here's "Salsa", let's hope I'm sniffing tomatoes soon. (Yes, it's annoying that my scanner slightly over exposes my artwork, lol)

Title: "Salsa"
I'm adding this tomato to this week's Paint Party Friday hosted by the wonderful Eva & Kristin. Have a great upcoming week!


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Women's Day - Are You A Feminist?

Today is International Women's Day. Wikipedia states that today, March 8th is the major day for the global celebration of women. In different regions the focus of the celebrations range from general celebration of respect and appreciation towards women, to a celebration of women's economic, political and social achievements.

Today, I'm inspired to put down my opinion on a subject close to my heart. I think it's quite misunderstood. Currently, many view "Feminist" is a derogatory term that's equated with being masculine and strident. This is a falsehood. To be a feminist simply means believing in the equality between men and women, supporting the idea that women deserve the same rights under the law as men.  Feminine and feminist are not mutually exclusive. One can have the wonderful qualities of womanhood and still be a Feminist. It is also true that men can still be masculine while also holding the belief that the women in their lives are their equal.

Where people seem to be getting confused is when manners and common courtesy enter the picture. Just because a man opens a door or pulls out the seat for a woman doesn't mean he thinks of her as less. A gallant man is not sexist, he is mannerly. It is gentlemanly behavior to have manners and be polite. Holding a woman's chair should be equated to using please & thank you. It is a form of politeness and shows good manners.

Unisex is not the goal of Feminism, equality is. Men and women make a great team working together. Each gender brings their own strengths to the party. The value of those strengths is what's equal. This is a good thing and anyone misunderstanding what the Feminist Movement really is can be comforted by that. As the French say... "
Vive La Différence!"


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Hero Worshiping

Ford Focus
Ok, I have to admit, I have a little crush on a guy in my building. I don't know his name or even if he's married (sorry to Mrs. Hero if he is). Here's the story...

I get up on Tuesday to go to a doctor's appointment at 10:30 in the morning. Dr. Kyle would be making sure the chemotherapy device that was implanted is situated in the right place and working. I'd been waiting a month to get this appointment so I could stop worrying. Obviously I didn't want to miss this appointment.

Mom's driving me so we head out to the car at around five minutes to ten. There's a sprinkling of snow on the car but it's starting to melt in the slightly warm sun. We get in to start the car so we can warm up the windows and scrape off the ice only to find... nothing. Nope. Deadsville. No vrrrrrmmm, vrrrmmmm. Not even a cough, cough. Just a click, click, click. DAMN. The battery's dead and it's cold out here. Mom starts to swear like a sailor. (she only does that when she's really frustrated). What are we gonna do? We'd forgotten the cell phone upstairs and even if we had it we wouldn't have had the doctor's phone number programmed in. We were sooooo screwed, and gonna miss this appointment. Mom gets out and rushes to the corner of the building, muttering to herself.

Just as she's about to disappear around the corner a guy (our hero) nearly bumps into her. She stops short and asks tentatively whether he might have jumper cables???? PPPLLLEEEAAASEEEE SAYYY YESSSS, I can nearly see the thought bubble over her head). Hero guy not only has cables but will help in any way he can. He seriously is the nicest guy I've nearly met in ages, lol. As I said, I didn't even get his name. As our car made that glorious vroom, vroom sound I nudged mom to stick her head out the window and get his apartment number. I had ulterior plans.

Long story short, we're only a few minutes late to the doctor's appointment and since doctors are always running late anyway, we're good. Now you know why I have a hero worshiping crush on some guy I don't even know. He rescued us and he'll never know just how important that appointment was. I got him some really decadent truffle chocolates and I wrapped them with a bow and added this card that I whipped up in, well, two hours or so, lol. He was worth it and you know I always love making art.

I'm joining this friday's Paint Party Friday, jump over and see the spectacular art submitted. I'm already working on next week's painting as it's much more involved than my usual. Yes, there's actually a background to this one, who knew? Anyway, here's the start of tomatoes. Wonder what I should title it? How about "Dreaming of Tomato Jam". If you come up with a better title (try to make me laugh, I dare ya), put it in the comments section. Oh and officially, Thank you to the wonderful guy who rescued us on Tuesday February 28, 2017 in our apartment building parking lot. As it says above, YOU ROCK.


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