Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Price Alert! Sticker Mule

Hiya. Do you like great deals? Do you love stickers & magnets or do you need promotional material like business stickers or magnets? Well, I use Sticker Mule and they have a great deal right now. In fact, I just ordered a set of magnets so I can add one to each order for my new store (coming soon on the new platform!).

They have a spectacular sale on magnets that's good only until Friday Oct. 13, 2017. Usually 50 three inch magnets are $87, Sticker Mule is, for the next few days, giving a deep discount.

50 magnets for $29 

that's an amazing price, that's 66% off!!!! HOLY COW! You can see on the right, that's what my magnets look like. You can upload your art or mascot or anything you want to be a 3" x 3" magnet and Sticker Mule will help you make gorgeous magnets!

Oh, and here's a bonus, if you've never used Sticker Mule before, use this link to get $10 into your account that you can use against your first $30 order. You'll  notice that the $29 is one dollar less than the minimum to use your free $10 credit. What you do is go sign up through the link below...

...then after you sign up, come back here and click the link below...

It'll take you back to Sticker Mule and give you the 50 magnets for $29 deal. You then upload your art and add that to your cart. In the cart it'll say you're buying 50 stickers. Upgrade that by changing the number to 60. In other words, buy ten more stickers. NOW you're above the $30 minimum and your $10 credit will come off the top along with the 66% off too!!! SO you should be buying 60 stickers for around $25ish. YAY. What a fantastic deal, ya?

You're welcome. REMEMBER, you only have about 72 hours to jump on this offer. You can get your $10 credit and not get the magnets though, no problem. Use the credit to buy stickers or something else (within the next three months, then it vanishes!). Have fun!!


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