Thursday, September 21, 2017

Wanna French Fry?

The Ferry between
the mainland & Vancouver Island
I am inordinately attracted to feeding seagulls. I think it started because I was raised on the West Coast of Canada and rode the ferries back and forth from the mainland to Vancouver Island so many times as a young child. Back then the ferries used to dump their trash directly off the ship. The seagulls used to follow the ferries back and forth as they travelled the hour and a half journey between Victoria and Tsawwassen, Vancouver. That's pronounced T-wa-sen, if you were wondering.

My dad, the moment we boarded the ferry, would rush up to the restaurant and ask for all the ends and scraps of toast that didn't get used. In about 45 minutes he'd return to the head chef and get a bag full of toast ends and we'd go feed the seagulls. I remember them being the most expert flyers. If you've ever watched seagulls, they're really accurate flyers. Well, the seagulls who followed the ferries had to be the best of the best or they wouldn't get fed. They had to deal with ripping headwinds as they tried to keep up with a ship going full tilt through the ocean currents. It was marvelous to watch them catch a piece of bread on the fly and dive out of formation just to have his brother take his place for the next piece. How could a girl not fall in love with seagulls?
Yes, I know they have a serious bad reputation. They steal food and stalk anyone around a fast food restaurant like they're a starving refugee.  But I do still love them. I heard a great quote the other day.
"I want you to be as happy as a seagull with a chip." 
 That's my wish for you, dear reader. I love all my blogging and artist friends and I sure do appreciate you visiting, commenting and participating with me in this wonderful journey through paint. My blog location and look will be changing soon, I am moving from Blogger to Wordpress so I can improve the reader's experience and make this blog more user friendly on other devices. It'll look a little different but you'll still know it's me. My name isn't changing, I'll still be blogging under Just Add Water Silly. And don't worry, I'll make it easy for you to switch, find me & subscribe too. I'll also be adding semi-regular giveaways of art supplies for subscribers, Blogging 101 For Artists will be back and there'll be lots of reviews of all the wonderful supplies artists use. I hope you're as excited for the changes as I am.

The above piece was done on Strathmore Artist Tiles. They're four inches square, you get 30 in a pack and they're made of thick 80lb toned gray paper. They're fun, easy and fast to create on. I used my Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer watercolor pencils and my Uniball Signo white pen for the highlights. I also found that The Staedtler black Pigment Liners work best for clean, crisp lines on this paper. I'll be joining up with Paint Party Friday, come on over and see all the wonderful art!

Trying: Altoids for the first time. Yes, they ARE curiously strong, lol.
Learning: Wordpress as I self-host my new blog and improve the view around here.
Creating: A whole new separate site just for book reviews! (
Wishing: I was out feeding seagulls McDonald's french fries. It makes them soooo happy. ;o)


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  1. I love watching the gulls here at the Rhine. Wonderful painting. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Such a beautiful painting Jenn, wow! I love seagulls too. So many changes planned! Looking forward to seeing all you've done :-)

  3. a beautiful drawing of the gull!
    Great work!!!
    Happy weekend

  4. Love your seagull painting, wow. Good luck with the new website, sure it will be no problem.

    1. thank you Christine, I sure hope so, lots of work!

  5. What a fantastic seagull! You do such amazing art.

  6. I bet that was a grand memory and good luck on your new platform....Hope it is all you want it to bee...see how I worked bee into that?

  7. Gorgeous painting Jen...yep I love them too!! Fish and chips on the beach in White Rock it was always fun to feed them the last bits. I loved your story! Wish my parents knew you could do that when I was a kid!My mom always fed the crows. We traveled to Nanaimo quite a bit to visit relatives!! What a great dad!!Thanks for sharing...good luck on the blog transition. I'm perplexed at how you have a dot com address on blogger!

    Peace Giggles

  8. I just love the seagull painting. The blue in the feathers is gorgeous! I can't say I'm a huge fan of the bird (sad fry-thieving memories from childhood) but I am a fan of your glorious art! I am always up for a trade and would love to trade with you. Just say the word when you're ready. :)

  9. stunning pictures, its like the bird is real


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