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The New Schmincke Watercolors

Schmincke has brought out 35 new watercolors to celebrate their 125th year. That brings their color count to 140 brilliant watercolors. Wet Paint provided me with the New Schmincke's dot card which is unavailable to the general public at this time. They're a terrific place to purchase Schmincke watercolors. They have good prices with low shipping and exemplary customer service. I'm not affiliated with Wet Paint but I do purchase from them and love their hands-on approach and friendliness.

So we have some spectacular new colors. The French Ultramarine adds a granulating ultramarine to Schmincke's repertoire. The new colors have a bunch of single pigment paints and some transparent/translucent colors too. I'm especially thrilled to see both the Potter's Pink and the new Transparent Sienna. As I mentioned in  the last post, I've been fighting with my burnt sienna. I find I don't like the transparency and/or color of either of Daniel Smith's Quin Burnt Orange or Burnt Sienna. I fell in love with my new Winsor & Newton Burnt Sienna and now there's a very similar color with Schmincke in their Transparent Sienna. It's made with the same PR101 as the W&N paint. Now I can choose one or the other, depending on which is available.

Potter's Pink is one of those colors, much like DS Buff Titanium, when you need it, YOU NEED IT and it's hard to mix. Here's all the pigment info.

Here is the breakdown of the Pigment in each paint, Transparency, Staining ability and Granulation. (Each of the colors come in either half pans or 15ml tubes.)

Rutile Yellow (PY53, Semi-Opaque, Staining, Non-Granulating)
Quinacridone Gold Hue (PY150, PR101, Transparent, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulatng)
Turner's Yellow (PY216, Semi-Opaque, Staining, Non-Granulating)
Yellow Orange (PY110, Transparent, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulating)
Geranium Red (PR242, Semi-Transparent, Non-Granulating)
Vermilion Light (Pr188, Transparent, Non-Staining, Non-Granulating)
Quinacridone Red Light (PR207, Transparent, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulating)
Perylene Dark Red (PR178, Semi-Opaque, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulating)
Ruby Red Deep (PR264, Semi-Opaque, Staining, Non-Granulating)
Transparent Red Deep (PR144, Semi-Transparent, Staining, Non-Granulating)
Saturn Red (PO64, Semi-Transparent, Staining, Non-Granulating)
Bordeaux (PR187, Transparent, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulating)
Quinacridone Magenta (PR202, Semi-Transparent, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulating)
Potter's Pink (PR233, Semi-Transparent, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Perylene Violet (PV29, Opaque, Staining, Non-Granulating)
Quinacridone Purple (PV55, Semi-Transparent, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulating)
Cobalt Violet Hue (Transparent, Non-Staingin, Granulating)
Phthalo Sapphire Blue (PB15:6, Semi-Transparent, Staining, Non-Granulating)
Cobalt Azure (PB35, Semi-Transparent, Non-Staining, Granulating)
French Ultramarine (PB29, Transparent, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Viridian (PG18, Semi-Transparent, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Transparent Green Gold (PY154, PBr7, Transparent, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulating)
Spinel Brown (PY119, Opaque, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulating)
Transparent Sienna (PR101, Transparent, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulating)
Transparent Ochre (PY42, Transparent, Staining, Non-Granulating)
Maroon Brown (Nbr, Semi-Transparent, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Mahogany Brown (PBr33, Opaque, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Mars Brown (PBr6, Opaque, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Transparent Umber (PR101, Transparent, Staining, Non-Granulating)
Green Umber (PBr7, Semi-Transparent, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Perylene Green (PBk31, Opaque, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulating_
Brilliant Opera Rose (PR122, Transparent, Non-Staining, Non-Granulating, *Fugitive across all Brands)
Graphite Grey (PBk10, Opaque, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulating)
Mars Black (PBk11, Opaque, Semi-Staining, Granulating)
Hematite Black (PG17, Opaque, Non-Staining, Granulating)

I'm especially excited about the new Potter's Pink and the Transparent Sienna. Don't get me wrong, they're all gorgeous but I can't have them all! IF I had to choose my absolute favorites, in other words, if I had money to burn and wanted to try some new colors here's my list.

Phthalo Sapphire Blue - it's transparent and absolutely gorgeous! Winsor & Newton did a specialty color a couple of years ago that you just cannot get anymore. This color seems to be an exact match to that beautiful color. YAY!

Saturn Red - I newly like LOVE oranges and this one is unusually smooth. It just went on the paper like butter and it's SO wonderfully full bodied. I'd buy it in a hot second.

Quin Red Light -I really respond to any quinacridone color but especially reds. I think tomatoes, red apples etc. This color would be one of the last glazes I'd put on that color fruit/veg for it's bright, clear color.

Yellow Orange - I also newly totally appreciate yellows. Using them as the first color as the underpainting helps lift the brightness of any piece of art. This color reminds me of New Gamboge, one of my favorites.

Cobalt Violet Hue - I love, love, LOVE this color. I'd buy it ASAP, transparent and stunning!

Finally, I really like the Viridian color and the Transparent Green Gold. I'm surprise to like either of these as I don't like either in any other BRAND. I love that they're both in the transparent range and their coloration is just so useful. 

If you do order from, say hi to Kate for me please. I would like her to know that I sent you. She's been so incredibly wonderful and helpful in bringing you these colors. I will be posting SOON about The NEW  CUSTOM SCHMINXCKE PALETTE from Wet Paint!!! YES there is a NEW palette coming this year! Watch this space!


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  1. I think I need all of these. I just need to get a job first. hahaha! beautiful colors!

  2. Kate is great to work with. Wonderful paint.

  3. Wow - firstly thank you so much for your wonderfully encouraging and supportive comments to this newbie painter on my blog - see I didn't use the f word (l think having read this I'd better explain it was fraudulent in case your other readers think how uncouth!) I have twelve colours in my starter kit and I will obviously need to learn all about these but if I tell my husband I need to by some Bordeaux I'm sure he will be supportive too!
    Wren x

  4. Tere's nothing like buying new art supplies and trying out new colours is there? I'm of to the art store on Saturday to invest in some new brushes! Give me art supplies over shoes and hanbags any day! Can't wait!


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