Wednesday, September 13, 2017

PRICE ALERT! Sketchbooks (USA)

Stillman & Birn Beta Hardbound
I went looking for a new sketchbook and came across this great deal for Stillman & Birn Beta hardbound sketchbook. I've used the Zeta and Beta hard and soft cover. I love their paper and I really appreciate that they so succinctly make it easier to know which sketchbook to choose. Do you want white or ivory paper? Do you want heavy or extra heavy paper? Do you want smooth, medium grain or cold pressed paper? Hard, soft or wire bound?

Stillman & Birn will have what you need. Today, their Beta hardbound sketchbook is on supersale! This paper is extra heavyweight, 270gsm, cold pressed and white. It'll take everything you can throw at it. It's just like the Zeta series but in cold pressed form. The price of this sketchbook is so low you have to add it to your cart to even see the price! That means the price is significantly BELOW suggested retail price and they don't want it to advertised widely.

If you like Stillman & Birn's ivory paper, on the other hand, they have their Gamma Sketchbook 8.25 x 11.75in (A4) Hardbound 150gsm on a great sale.

If you prefer Strathmore's paper, their 500 series is also on sale. Their 5.5" x 8.5" hardbound sketchbook with 190gsm mixed media paper is 38% off. Strathmore 8.5" x 11"  sketchbook (same paper) is  22% off.

Finally, if you're looking for ready cut paper, you can get 10 sheets of Strathmore 500 Series Watercolor Paper, 140 lb. Cold Press in a 8"x10"size for 30% off. OR their 5" x 7", 25 sheets of the same paper, also for 30% off.

I apologize that these sales are only happening in the USA. It sucks to be Canadian sometimes.

I'll be back tomorrow with all new art! Hope this helps you all find some new sketchbooks and paper!

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  1. ... Or living in Thailand! Still I am really enjoying seeing what the serious artists buys :)
    Wren x

    1. yep, some of us have serious problems either getting supplies at all or affording the outrageous prices that the supplies are offered at. So many times, the price is more than double or triple what USA would pay. It's criminal!


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