Saturday, September 2, 2017

PRICE ALERT! Sketchbooks & Pens

Hi everybody. I noticed there are some really great prices on sketchbooks and pens on several brands. I think it must be because we're right in the middle of back to school time. I'm just gonna list them here so you can see just what's available at really good prices.

Staedler Pigment Liners 6 piece set (0.05mm, 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm). I use these & Pigma Microns & Uniball Vision (below). They all have a different feel from each other. When one pen won't write over what I painted, the next brand will. This means I keep some of each brand in at least three sizes. $11.00

Uniball Vision Needle Micro, 14 black ink pens all with 0.5mm nib! You can buy fewer pens but it costs more, lol. I find these will write over everything and are extremely black. This is the MICRO, they're finest point but on the same link you can click to get the FINE which are 0.7mm. I use both but if I had to choose one thickness I'd choose the micro for it's expressive lines. On for $6.79

Uniball Signo White broad nib. This is my goto white pen. I use it to add highlights to nearly every painting I do. I go through these like candy. When I buy them I buy them in bulk like this offer. This is the most opaque coverage I can find but you can thin the white with water, it's water soluble so you can soften your edges. The white picks up a tiny bit of the watercolor under it, making the white blend into the painting much better. By far my favorite! The nib is 1.0mm and you get 5 pens for $8.32.

Strathmore Visual Journal 400 Series. The journal is 5.5" x 8" portrait, the paper weight is 190gsm/90lb and has 64 pages to do art on. It is technically cold pressed but I find it half way between cold pressed and hot. Kinda a perfect blend of paper for watercolor and paper good for pencils/pens and watercolor pencils. I'm left handed so wire bound journals aren't my favorite but I started out using this brand and I ended up cutting out all the paper and using it as single sheets. I still use it now as I come across a piece in my stack. It has a wonderful feel and works beautifully and is made for watercolor. $8.00

Strathmore 400 Series Softcover Journal. I actually have recently started liking soft covers. I'm surprised that I don't miss the hard covers that much. I use them in the house so there's no problem with standing outside with a slightly wobbly cover. The size of this journal is 5.5" x 8" portrait orientation. The paper weight is 300gsm/140lb, made specifically for watercolor. They have a sewn binding so they lay flat. This is $11.84

Strathmore 400 Series Softcover Journal. This is the larger portrait at 9.75" x 7.75". Everything is the same as above, really great paper in a soft cover journal, it's just bigger! Price is $16.37

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