Tuesday, September 5, 2017

PRICE ALERT! (For Canadians!!!)

Uniball Vision NeedleMicro Pens, one of my very favorite pans, is on super sale on Amazon.ca. YAY, Canadians get a sale! These pens write super smooth, they're waterproof when dry and they dry really fast. I'm left handed and I never smudge a drawing using these. This is my goto pen for adding "character" to a painting". The ink is black and strong enough to be seen but the line is fine enough to not be the bully on the paper, if you know what I mean.

Above is an example of "expressive" lines that don't bully into the forefront of the painting, they just add some movement and character. A.. around the "Mangos" label and the expressive movement lines around the fruit and throughout the painting were done using Uniball Vision Needle micro pensYou get 12 micro point pens in black ink for $11.99. The tip is a 0.5 mm. Ok Canadians, GO SHOPPING!

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