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NEW! Custom Schmincke Square Palette

Previous Wet Paint Custom Schmincke Palette
Holy COW!! I heard from Kate at Wet Paint and she confirmed that indeed they ARE making a new CUSTOM SCHMINCKE PALETTE for October! Yes! THIS October. They're not waiting until 2018 which means we don't have to wait either. I'm thrilled. I didn't get one of the last wonderful square palettes that sold out in record time just a few months ago. (See the end of this post for some inside information!)

Closed "Square" Palette
They sold out so fast I missed my opportunity.In fact, they had double the number of palettes than usual but they ALL sold out in six weeks! Usually it takes more than a year for Wet Paint to sell out of their custom Schmincke Palette. I had planned to buy one, I knew this square palette (that holds 21 half pans of paint without modification) is seen rarely over the web. That's why it sold out in weeks.

Here's a handy list of previous Custom Schmincke Sets. This is the previous set to give you an idea of what's in it and how they choose the colors.

Every single color in this new Schmincke set is from the NEW colors Schmincke (I wrote about them here). The new colors have been rolled out for their 125 birthday celebration this year. You therefore should have no overlap with colors you already own. Wet Paint has chosen a modified split Primary color set and every one of the twelve colors included are single pigment colors with excellent lightfastness.
Open "Square" Palette
Perylene Red Dark (PR178, Semi-Opaque, Semi-Staining)
Saturn Red (PO64, Semi-Transparent, Staining)
Cobalt Azure (PB35, Semi-Transparent, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Phthalo Sapphire Blue (PB15:6, Semi-Transparent, Stain)
Yellow Orange (PY110, Transparent, Semi-Staining)
Rutile Yellow (PY53, Semi-Opaque, Staining)
Potter’s Pink (PR233, Semi-Transparent, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Perylene Violet (PV29, Opaque, Staining)
Perylene Green (PBk31, Opaque, Semi-Staining)
Hematite Black (PG17, Opaque, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Viridian (PG18 Semi-Transparent, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Mahogany Brown (PBr33, Opaque, Non-Staining, Granulating)

The Inside Scoop:
Last but Not Least... I have some inside information! From and unidentified source at WetPaint, on the down low (don't worry I specifically got permission to share with my readers), this year may be the last year that this palette is at this incredibly low price. WetPaint works with Schmincke to bring you this exclusive palette but paint prices have risen in the past five years and next year it just may not be possible for Schmincke to nearly give away twelve half pans with this palette.

Not only that, my unidentified source also is unsure whether Schmincke will want to offer this square palette again next year. The argument is that buyers may want a different size or orientation and this square palette has been offered twice in a row. This palette has been unavailable for years and may be retired after this year, for a while. SO, if you want this unique small design, a design that will hold 21 half pans, you need to start saving your pennies now. This is a beautiful compact design and i want it so badly. Remember, it's filled with 12 new Schmincke watercolors too!

I will keep my readers in the know the second this palette is ready to be pre-ordered! Kate is crossing her fingers that pre-orders can be taken sometime in October. 

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Kate just sent a link to a landing page she set up just for this new palette. Go here and you can sign up to be notified when Wet Paint is taking Pre-Orders.

If you'd like to email Wet Paint with questions about this HIGHLY sought after square palette, just email them and they will be able to answer your questions. Email:

P.S. If you pre-order or order this set, please tell Kate I sent you!!


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  1. I don't want to be around you if you don't happen to get the set this time around:; Colors look gorgeous , and of course I know you'll have a set to showcase more of your fine watercolor art. Thanks for all the info, and happy PPF!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on these new art materials!


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