Friday, September 29, 2017


Just a quick post tonight as I've been up every night this week until the wee hours working on my new Wordpress website and blog. It's coming along and I think it'll be ready to debut in about a week. I still have to get my webmaster to check my work as I'm learning all this as I go. Gotta tell ya, I'm pretty pleased but my brain hurts! Hehehe. Who knew there was so much to  know!
Title: "Stash Tea"

Anyway, I'm putting this one up because I REALLY, REALLY  need a good cup of tea. I need to relax and take a week off but there's no rest for the wicked. Damn, I gotta stop being wicked then because I need a nap!  

Artwork done on Hahnemühle Greybook journal using Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer watercolor pencils and Uniball white gel pen.

Planning: To start reviewing all the toned paper I've used in the last three weeks.
Hoping: Some of the companies that I ask will decide to participate in some giveaways for my new blog launch. One company has already agreed and I love them for it. Surprises coming soon!
Loving: New weiners we found in the health food store that have NO nitrates, not even celery extract, the "natural" choice. Gluten free and actually good for you.
Feeling: Tired, totally fulfilled but tired. :o)

I'll be adding this post to Paint Party Friday, come join us!
Later Gator,

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  1. Lovely art work! Happy PPF, Hugs, Valerie

  2. You've such a talent Jenn, I had to look twice at the tea bag and label!
    Beaut to read how well your new design of blog is coming along.
    Get some rest though;D) Cheers and Happy PPF, Sue xx

  3. Oh, wow. Way to impress with that hyper-realism! My eyes are boggling out at your skill. I bow to your skill. I think I need something stronger than tea :D

    Nothing like realism to show skill level. You have my adoration.

    Best wishes,
    (who has so much more to learn)

  4. This looks so real I had to reread the post! The blue-gray color is very soothing. Sending you good wishes in the launch of your new site.

  5. So impressed with your tea bag art! The tea bag container looks ridiculously awesome! So good with the light and the details. Fabulous art! And that tea is pretty good too. I love Stash teas. :)

  6. Wow I thought that your painting was really the teabag!!
    This is outstanding Jennifer!
    and btw, my name is Jackie and I just found you this morning ,hopping through blogworld!
    I will be back as I truly am enjoying what I see!
    Jackie ")

  7. I am excited for your new website and blog. Yes it is hard work getting them set up. Enjoy the tea.

  8. Stunning! Lovely and I truly hope and wish that all your wishes come true. Positivity and love. Happy PPF!

  9. gosh your art is so realistic, wow.

  10. Wonderful art. Jenn! It makes me want to pick up the teabag and make a cuppa. Good luck with your new website. xx

  11. Wow, realism achieved!! Amazing and I love the subject too!

  12. That is really awesome! I thought it was a photograph till I saw the signature. Such talent! Enjoyed the books and have passed them on to my daughter to read.

  13. Wow such an impressive I thought it was a photo it's so real! I feel like I could grab that tea bag off the screen!! Glad your accomplishing so much! I look forward to seeing the new site... could I request that you make it easy to the past I have found it difficult with wordpress!! About those wieners...were they good?

    Peace Giggles

  14. Absolutely love your tea bag! Amazing! It looks so realistic you have to look twice to make sure it's not a photo. I hope you enjoyed your cup of tea.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your new website. I've been wanting to create a new one myself for ages, but I've kept putting it off. I guess I was scared hearing so much about how hard work Wordpress was... Did you use a book, or other resources? I'm determined to start working on my new blog/website before the end of the year and any tip would be most welcomed.


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