Saturday, September 23, 2017

Book Review: "Close To Home" by Robert Dugoni

"Close To Home", the latest in the Tracy Crosswhite series is out already and available as both Kindle and paperback. This is book five in Robert Dugoni's popular Tracy Crosswhite series.

Tracy Crosswhite works violent crimes as a detective with Seattle PD. This time she's working on a hit and run case involving a teen boy. The evidence shows that the hit and run driver is an active-duty serviceman at a local naval base. But when a key piece of evidence goes missing, Tracy's main suspect goes free. This cannot stand. Tracey vows to continue digging and find a new connection, this injustice is unacceptable. Then she finds connections between her case and a personal tragedy happening to a colleague, Tracy finds the whole matter is hitting too close to home. As she continues her investigation, she is in danger but she cannot let injustice stand. 

The thing I appreciate most about Duboni's writing is his perfect balance between the characters' private life and the overarching story being told in the book. Getting peeking glances into a character's private world forces the reader to care about that character's well being, they become a friend and someone the reader worries about. It's one of Dugoni's greatest lures to read the next in the series.

I have read each of the Crosswhite series and enjoyed every one of them. "Close To Home" is a slight variation to the updated police procedural of the previous four books. This time Dugoni uses his own experience as a lawyer to imbue his thriller with new life. This fifth book is a throwback to the more emotional writing of the first in the series, "My Sister's Grave" where we learned so much about Dugoni's main character, Tracy Crosswhite. I find the books that teach me more about the main character the most enjoyable. 

The newest book from Robert Dugoni will not disappoint. If you have never read the Tracy Crosswhite series then start at "My Sister's Grave", you won't be disappointed. Even better, the Kindle version of the previous four books are each only about two dollars right now, what a great deal! 


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