Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Test Driving QOR Watercolors

It should not have taken me more than a month to give my new QOR High Chroma watercolors a test drive. My forty-seventh birthday was mid last month and I was spoiled with cool art supplies (hey, what are you gonna give the rabid artist in your life?). I've been so lazy busy lately that it's taken me this amount of time to get to swatching the colors and seeing what they'll do on paper. But I finally got a wiggle on this week and worked on my long, long, LONG painterly to-do list.

The QOR High Chroma six tube set includes Cobalt Teal, Green Gold, Quin Gold, Transparent Pyrrole Orange, Quin Magenta, and Dioxazine Purple. I found them wonderfully bright, clear and highly pigmented, just maybe not as pigmented as QOR implies. I'd say they are on par with Daniel Smith and Schmincke. If they are more pigmented than other premium brands I didn't particularly notice. I found they sunk into the paper a little faster than I was used to so it felt like they were more difficult to move around but I'm sure that's just a learning curve with the new binder they use in them. I had a learning curve with every upgrade in paint I ever tried so it would be nothing new to need a bit of practice with QOR to get the best out of them. 
I will definitely be using each color until it's gone and since everything but the green gold was already in my palette in another brand, when I refill a half pan I'll be able to try that color out in it's entirety. I'm not  specifically brand loyal, as long as a paint is professional quality and tends to be transparent I'm on board to using it. If I like any QOR color more than another brand I'd certainly switch. I can see myself particularly switching to the transparent pyrrole orange which was really wonderful, I love that color.

I'll be connecting to Paint Party Friday so why don't you come on over and check out the other art. I'd love to hear anyone's opinion in the comments section on the QOR watercolors and have they switched over as they got stuck into them? 


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  1. I am not at all familiar with these but they sound wonderful Jenn. And I LOVE your illustration of them!! Happy PPF!

  2. Love your watercolour sketch! Looks fabulous! I like QOR too, though not all of their colours. I have a handful but I'm not completely sold on the brand. Some are amazing and others, not so much. I think it was Ultramarine Violet that was a huge disappointment to me. I will check out pyrrole orange now though! :)

  3. Wow I thought it was a photo well done Jenn.

  4. LOVE the painting of your watercolors, and wow, you really need to join us for #WorldWatercolorGroup over at Doodlewash, if you do, hope you friend request me!

  5. I feel like I could reach into the page and pick up one of those tubes...gorgeous work! So realistic! Gorgeous colours too!!
    Happy Canada Day!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Jenn, I love the painting of the tubes of color! At first I thought it was a photo of the real tubes. The colors are enormously wonderful! I know they are expensive b/c I have bought individual small tubes of some of those colors but the intensity of the colors can't be beat.

  7. What a cute illustration of your new colours! I don't know any specific brands of watercolour, I'm just using a box from Target. I definitely want to paint more with watercolours, so it's good to read reviews like this. I'll look into World Watercolour Month, thanks for the tip! Have a great weekend!

  8. Happy belated birthday. What a great gift, art supplies. Love the watercolor art.

  9. Yeah...firstly happy belated birthday to you Jenn,
    I must confess that I'm always impressed with anyone that tests and trials their art supplies. I have good intentions, but seem to always buckle down after masses of procrastination's and just use the paints. I'll say learning as I go...but really it's flying by the seat of my pants! Fantastic watercolour artwork...but then you always do brilliant art :D
    Have a great weekend!


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