Saturday, June 24, 2017

Letter Mail

I absolutely love getting stuff in the mail. I used to have piles and heaps of stuff to write cool, fun and interesting letters but now that letter writing is a dying art, the main thing I send in the mail is, well, Art. In the past I've done cool trades with other artists and I'm always thrilled with what I get. 

Linda Kunsman of heARTfullyinspired and I decided to do a postcard art trade just for the fun of it. I was thrilled when she contacted me after I had admired one of her cool assemblage postcards and wanted to send it to me. I suggested doing a mail art exchange, it's always such fun making up the package you're sending.

I told Linda it would take me a little while to make something so hers would probably get to me before I could send and that's what happened. I'll be sending out Linda's letter mail art on Monday but hers arrived yesterday and it was such fun to open my exquisite letter art. She absolutely spoiled me, I hadn't expected anything but a cute little note and the assemblage postcard in my letter from her but instead there were a plethora of cool little things.

She included four coffee cup stamps that she made, a postcard from Pennsylvania, her business card, the awesome coffee inspired art piece and test strips of Peerless Watercolors. Yes, you heard me, I not only got a fantastic piece of assemblage art about one of my favorite things, CoFFee, arrive but I also get to try Peerless watercolors! I have wanted to try them for AGES. Thank you Linda for your generous gift. I will be framing your art to hang in my art room that I hope to have in the upcoming year. 

I also got my laminator out and made the adorable coffee cups into magnets for my fridge. I love them so thank you, they look fantastic and now my boring white fridge has reminders of my favorite hazelnut coffee. How do I know there's hazelnut coffee in my fridge magnets, you ask? Because duh, that's my favorite coffee!

I'm off to finish Linda's little package, I've got to find actual honest to god stamps somewhere in this house, lol. I have a letter opener and letterbox gathering dust as an ornament on my shelf, I wonder if there are some old stamps in there? Hehehe. ahhh how life has changed in twenty years. Go check out Linda's blog, she's really good with balance and color, I love her stuff, stuff I'm not great at. I can paint but assemblage befuddles me, we all do what we're good at. I'm just so grateful to have friends who do different kinds of art than me so I can collect awesomeness. Thanks again Linda, I'll have your package in the mail by Monday even if I have to hunt down a postmaster and kill him for his stamps. Ok, not really, I'd just molest him a little. You know, pocket picking and stuff. ;o)

Later gator.
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  1. what a wonderful surprise to receive!

  2. I do so miss a handwritten letter! All I get is bills (worse still this week, a Jury summons)!! I love writing letters and I do send them from time to time, but rarely get them. You package must have been such a thrill to open!! :0)

  3. I am so happy to know how you've enjoyed your mail and goodies Jenn. It was such a pleasure putting it together for you:)


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