Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Women's Day - Are You A Feminist?

Today is International Women's Day. Wikipedia states that today, March 8th is the major day for the global celebration of women. In different regions the focus of the celebrations range from general celebration of respect and appreciation towards women, to a celebration of women's economic, political and social achievements.

Today, I'm inspired to put down my opinion on a subject close to my heart. I think it's quite misunderstood. Currently, many view "Feminist" is a derogatory term that's equated with being masculine and strident. This is a falsehood. To be a feminist simply means believing in the equality between men and women, supporting the idea that women deserve the same rights under the law as men.  Feminine and feminist are not mutually exclusive. One can have the wonderful qualities of womanhood and still be a Feminist. It is also true that men can still be masculine while also holding the belief that the women in their lives are their equal.

Where people seem to be getting confused is when manners and common courtesy enter the picture. Just because a man opens a door or pulls out the seat for a woman doesn't mean he thinks of her as less. A gallant man is not sexist, he is mannerly. It is gentlemanly behavior to have manners and be polite. Holding a woman's chair should be equated to using please & thank you. It is a form of politeness and shows good manners.

Unisex is not the goal of Feminism, equality is. Men and women make a great team working together. Each gender brings their own strengths to the party. The value of those strengths is what's equal. This is a good thing and anyone misunderstanding what the Feminist Movement really is can be comforted by that. As the French say... "
Vive La Différence!"


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  1. What a brilliant article Jenn! I completely agree with you! I think it's a shame that there is almost a blurred line between the sexes now. Men are afraid to hold a door open and it is just awful that they should feel that way. I think that some feminism is extreme, which has caused the problem. I really appreciate a chair being pulled out or a door being held open myself! And I love all things pink and sparkly, lol! And many women seem to be offended by what is actually good manners, which is a shame. I feel that we should embrace the fact that we are women and embrace that men are men... But yes, equal rights of course are a must... and good manners always :0)

  2. Hello Jenn, so well said... I applaud you for making sense of something that has niggled me over the years.
    It needed to be said.
    Thank you :D)

  3. Very well said! The only thing I would add is that acting with manners and being called a lady is no more of a putdown than a man pulling out the chair is saying a woman is weak. It's about courtesy—on both sides!


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