Saturday, March 18, 2017

Dreaming Of The Smell Of Ripe Tomatoes

Gosh I wish it were warmer. This week I've painted up ripe tomatoes and I miss that smell. It's such a unique scent when you put your nose right up to where the stem meets ripe flesh. There's nothing better in the hot summer months. I have plans to can my own salsa and tomato sauce.

Last year I made my own catsup. Holy cow it's so good I really do eat it with a spoon! It's so much better than the bottled stuff you buy. This year, since the catsup (or tomato jam, as I call it) was so successful I'm also planning on making my own spiced tomato paste. It'll be a lot of boiling down of bushels of fresh, ripe tomatoes but I know it'll be worth it. Now all we have to do is put a bums rush on summer. Maybe if we all boycott winter together mother nature will get the message that we've had enough cold. I think I'll have to text her and complain. ;o)

Anyway, here's "Salsa", let's hope I'm sniffing tomatoes soon. (Yes, it's annoying that my scanner slightly over exposes my artwork, lol)

Title: "Salsa"
I'm adding this tomato to this week's Paint Party Friday hosted by the wonderful Eva & Kristin. Have a great upcoming week!


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  1. I just LOVE those bright colours Jenn! Just what I need on this cold, wet and windy day... And I really love the sound of your tomato jam... I wish I could try some!

  2. Oh there is nothing better than the smell of fresh tomatoes from the garden! Love your salsa piece! Happy PPF!

  3. Love the bright painting and you have made me crave ripe tomatoes. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. What a great piece or spicy art!

  5. Oh I love your over exposed tomatoes! Except for all the amazing produce I don't look forward to the heat! Years ago I had a print of tomatoes hanging in my kitchen I really loved it! Yours is even prettier! Stunning work, I'm such a fan!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. gorgeous illustration -and descriptions Jenn! There is nothing like home grown tomatoes. Happy PPF!

  7. Beautiful tomatoes. It is almost that time and hope they come out of the garden as beautiful as the ones you painted.

  8. Love those fresh tomatoes and the scent of Salsa!!!
    Your painting is so pretty and delicious looking!!!

    Happy PPF!

  9. Yes there is nothing like home grown tomatoes. What is your recipe for the catsup? Sounds so good.

  10. Hi there Jenn, oooh your tomatoes look so juicy and ripe for the eating - yum... I can see they must be homegrown ;D) It's a beautiful painting. Gorgeous deep colour too.
    Your plans for your future tomatoes sound wonderful - have fun!

  11. Your tomatoes do like like they're inviting you to take a bite :-) Love that bright red colour. And hold on, the best part of winter is over, summer will be here before you know it!

  12. Oh now you made me want to eat some fresh tomatoes! I haven't had a tomato in months, as I decided to eat (almost) only local and seasonal food last year, but I'm looking forward to when their in season. I absolutely love your gorgeous painting! So fresh and juicy!

  13. OMGosh. . .salt shaker and sun kissed tomatoes. . .YUM. Blessings, Janet


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