Thursday, March 30, 2017

Counting Sheep

I have a new bed. That's not new news, actually I got the bed January 11th of this year. I remember because it was two days after my cancer diagnosis. I realized that I was certainly going to need good sleep in the next year and my old mattress was sorrowfully old. In fact, I'm embarrassed to say that it even had a spring that had sprung out the bottom side. I had been putting off mattress shopping, hoping to save a little more so I could buy a good one like my old one had been twenty years ago.

So, on January 11th my mom accompanied me to go spend a boat load of money on a great mattress. I had already done research on which mattress would be best for me, so off we went to wrangle the best price we could from a Serta dealer. We spent almost an hour listening to the salesman talk about the Serta Mattress I wanted, he didn't seem to get that we were sold, lol. I was sitting on a near sofa and next to me was a HUGE Counting Sheep. I made a comment that I assumed that I also got a big SHEEP when I purchased this expensive mattress, lol. The salesman dead panned me and said they had small ones to give away. I pinned him with my eyes and insisted that I was sure one came with the mattress, right?? RIGHT??? He laughed and said that I could certainly have a sheep too. YAY.

He went away to write out the agreement as mom perused the showroom and I waited on the sofa. Fifteen minutes later I sauntered across the showroom, figuring it must be time to sign on the dotted line. Yep, signed my life away, my visa groaned. The salesman then said thank you for shopping with him. Then there was this conversation,

Me: "Where's my sheep?"
Him: "Oh, you really wanted one?"
Me: "Yep."
Him: "Oh.... Uh, I don't have one up here."
Me: "But I want one. I mean, is there one in the back, like in a big sheep bucket?"

"Uhhh... " He picked up the phone and asked if there was a sheep back there. A woman from the back room showed up but by then the sales guy was talking to people who were perusing the showroom. The woman looked at me and said, "he always ignores me. JOHN, HEADS UP!!" Then she threw my sheep with a great spiral throw directly at the salesman's head. John handed me my sheep, he had a slight scowl on his face. I had to bite my tongue not to laugh out loud.

I mean, hey, I just plunked down more than $1500 dollars and I WANTED THAT FREAKING SHEEP! I think I deserved him. He was gonna be my cancer protection sheep. I know it's kinda obvious but his name is FIVE. I mean, if you had your name tattooed on your ass it would behoove your new owner to buy a clue and call you that, right?? Right. ;o)

Anyway, here's Five the counting sheep (Oh, he has a side job protecting me).

I'll be joining Paint Party Friday, come on over and see all the other art, it'll make you happy, promise. I need a coffee, painting my sheep made me tired. I guess staring at him really works. ;o)


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  1. aw Jenn, I love that you insisted and got your sheep! Five's a fine fellow and was meant to be yours.
    Great painting... ha ha, I was just imagining waking up to those cute blue eyes :D) Happy PPF!

  2. Love this story! I don't blame you one bit and salute your chutzpa. to your blog and am loving your work. Have a beautiful, restful weekend.

  3. I recently got a new bed too - total bliss! Definitely worth every penny. I love your sheep companion - he's baaa-rilliant!

  4. what a great, fun story and I love your sheep!! Hope you're sleeping much better now. Happy PPF!

  5. Lol, he is so cute! No wonder you wanted him! Matresses are so expensive aren't they? A couple of years ago we invested in a great big thick memory foam one... Reeeeeally comfortable and reeeeeally expensive, but unfortunately it is SO hot... Like, RIDICULOUSLY hot!!! Not ideal for a peri-menopausal woman of nearly 46!! Can't fork out for another one just yet though :0(

  6. What a great painting to illustrate your very interesting story. I'm glad you got the sheep. And for that price mattress you certainly deserve it - maybe 2 sheep. I just went back and read your early February post. I hope you are getting the treatment needed.

  7. Five looks to cute to be a protector. Good for you and I hope he is just the ticket you need for the road ahead.

  8. Such a cute sheep, so much expression!
    You certainly deserved the sheep, you were promised one and how dare he not follow through. I hope you are sleeping well on your boatload of money bed and that your treatments are gentle on you.

  9. Glad you insisted and got your sheep. Things like these delight us and that's always good when we're fighting illness. The painting is wonderful!

  10. Great story and Painting!! You go should send the store a copy of your painted sheep...Tell them the prints for sale for fifteen hundred if they're interested!! Hope you're getting some great sleep!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. Glad you got your sheep and yours is super cute! Stay strong Jenn!

  12. haha, love the story about your shopping-expedition :-) You were right to keep going after your sheep, I'm sure it'll give you comfort and protect you throughout the battle against this horrible disease. It is sure looking as if it's ready to! Great drawing!

  13. That is a great story. No not about the cancer and you know I have you in my prayers. The whole mattress thing. We are looking for a new mattress as well and the prices are astronautical. I would have waited for that sheep too. Your art of 5 is excellent.

  14. You are a great storyteller. I hope Five and your wonderful new mattress bring you great comfort. Your illustration is delightful and captures your story well. Best wishes to you!

    I just bought a new matttess as well, and I always seem to want to go to bed earlier since I bought it. I love my new bamboo sheets and fancy pillow too.

  15. Such a cute idea. Now I know where No. #5 was when I was counting sheep last night.

  16. Giggles had a great line/idea. . .I love the story and the painting of the sheep. I too had to have a new bed moving from FL (water bed) to Tulsa and thought about water and an apt. . . 2 things don't go together so I did get a sleep number bed and I love it. . almost. Would never go back to a plain mattress though. Many Blessings, Janet

  17. Great story and a very cute sheep. I am glad you got him. Good luck. Happy PPF. Best, Indira

  18. Hi Jenn,

    I'm catching up with blogs so dropping to say HI and see how you are. Kudos on the new mattress and that little sheep is adorable! Had to giggle at the story behind him.

    I hope you are keeping well.

    Serena xo


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