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Book Review: "Robert B. Parker's Debt To Pay" by Reed Farrel Coleman

"Robert B. Parker's Debt To Pay" by Reed Farrel Coleman  published on September 13, 2016 so it's available for purchase now. Reed Farrel Coleman has taken over writing Robert B. Parker's character Jesse Stone and now that I've read "Debt To Pay" I agree with The Huffington Post about the novel's success.
“This series can run forever in these new capable hands and readers will eagerly await each new book about Jesse Stone. I know I will.”
The Huffington Post

When Robert B. Parker died he left several strong characters such as Spencer and Jesse Stone, I think the readers are lucky that Reed Farrel Coleman agreed to bring the Jesse Stone character back to life. Several of my favorite authors are deceased, John D. MacDonald and Robert A. Heinlein to name a few, and I heartily miss their incredible characters. I mourn the fact there are to be no more of their engrossing books. It's great to feel like I'm getting on of my favorite author's back.

Not much is happening in Paradise, the small town where Jesse Stone is Chief of Police. Although there has been some annoying petty vandalism lately, Jesse is much more concerned about his ex wife Jenn's upcoming wedding. He received his invitation but because of their convoluted history, he just doesn't want to attend. Jesse is worried seeing Jenn will stir up a hornet's nest of emotions that he's worked hard to tamp down. Besides, he has a new woman in his life and he doesn't think Dianna will want to attend his ex's nuptials.

Jesse doesn't get to carry out his decision to skip the wedding though. An old foe has reared his deadly little head up and threatened everyone Jesse cares about, including his ex wife Jenn. Now Jesse has to try and puzzle out the clues to just what Mr. Peepers is planning. Peepers is a lethal shadowy, brilliant assassin who is nearly a ghost to law enforcement. Only Jesse and Suit have seen the madman's face, that and the fact that Jesse is the only one to ever thwart Mr. P's assassination plans have put all of Jesse's friends in the cross hairs.

I read every one of the Spencer books and several of the Jesse Stone novels by RBP. I also watched the tv versions of these characters. I guess what I'm saying is that I know what to expect from a Parker novel and I thought I'd be hard to convince that anyone could reanimate Parker's characters and make them as good as he wrote them. I had my doubts that I'd like this book by Coleman. I can honestly say I was shocked at how stunningly good this book was. I will certainly be picking up more of this series now that it has been brought back to life by Reed Farrel Coleman. He's one hell of a good writer. This is a 5 out of five read, don't miss this book.


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