Sunday, September 4, 2016

Book Review: "Hit The Road, Jake!' by Cricket Rohman

"Hit The Road, Jake!" by Cricket Rohman will be published tomorrow, September 5, 2016. I read the first book in this series, "Wanted: An Honest Man" to prepare me for the this, the third book in her Lindsay & Jake series.

I'm chagrinned at how terrible this book was. It's actually one of the worst I've read in a long time, and I hate having to say that, it makes me feel bad for the author. When I did a review for Ms. Rohman's first book in this series I said I hoped her writing would improve and become less juvenile. I can happily say it did improve but the story was just ridiculous. I actually loved the premise of Lindsay and Jake driving across the country in a hugely expensive RV and helping school districts with their problems that didn't rate police involvement but did need solving. Cool idea, terribly executed. The mysteries were woefully simplistic and the behavior of the main characters was just hopeless. Here's an example.

I owned a parrot at one time. I therefore know they're very expensive and physically sensitive to their environment. They are also coveted by many people and I'd never leave my bird in it's cage in an open space where anyone could either hurt her for the thrill or steal her. Lindsay leaves her parrot in an open car in a campground when she and Jake use the restroom and even take the guard dog ( a 150lb mastiff) with them!! The car, as I said was left open with windows rolled all the way down so the bird didn't cook in the heat. Why the hell would you take your precious bird with you on a hike in the woods instead of leaving it in a protected and air conditioned RV?? Seriously?

It feels like this book was written for twelve year olds, except for the sex scenes which were lackluster and boring. This was not a book for me and I will not be reading any more of Rohman's other books.


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