Sunday, July 3, 2016

Oh To Be A Colorful Beetle (#WorldWatercolorMonth)

Tag your art #WorldWatercolorMonth to participate everyday in July
I love beetles, but usually not the ones with legs. I covet the ones with tires. I've loved the VW Beetle convertible for ever, it's on my wish list/bucket list. But recently I have seen the light when it comes to some bugs, the ones with legs, I mean. Usually I really, really hate bugs. Some make me squeamish and I cringe when I see them, others make me scream like a little girl and run the other direction. And I'm not a runner so that's a big accomplishment. That's how truly scary I find some bugs.

I have recently seen the light, as I said. Albeit the light is a teeny tiny little nightlight, most bugs are still hideously ugly and gross. But I love color and when I realized just how beautifully colorful some bugs are I had to change my opinion just a little. So here, I present a colorful beetle who would win any design contest. Best Shell Ever. I wonder where he'd keep his award. Probably in the bathroom like all the other celebrities.
It's #WorldWatercolorMonth this July so if you want to come and participate, go to the Facebook Page and post your watercolor (or gouache which is opaque watercolor) art any or everyday in July. See you sometime tomorrow!

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