Tuesday, July 19, 2016

MacKenzie-Childs Love (#WorldWatercolorMonth)

I'm in love. Nope, not with a person, with a brand. I've been jonesing for anything MacKenzie-Childs lately. I especially love their Courtly Check pattern. Who doesn't love black and white together? Then they add bits and hints of turquoise, teal and a lovely bright green and quin gold to pump up the volume. Their enameled mugs are awesome, all 16 ounces of them! They're endlessly expensive but so darn adorable that I'd have something made by them in every room if I could.

I could see Christmas done in the Courtly Check pattern, with little tiered plates, gorgeous fluted bowls and checkered mugs filled with hot chocolate with marshmallows floating on top. Oh, don't forget the candy cane stirrer. I looked it up, they even have Christmas tree decorations. Of course they do. MacKenzie-Childs found a niche and ran with it. They're the company that put all different painted patterns on things like tuffets (you know, the thing that Little Miss Muffet sat on?) and tables and chairs. Well, now they put hand painted patterns on EVERYTHING. I know they're hugely popular and I'm so in love I'm willing to spend $7000 for a sofa. That is if I had $7000 to throw away. And that would only be predicated on me winning millions of dollars.

Since it would take a tiny miracle for me to own large amounts of MacKenzie-Childs pieces, I thought I'd memorialize my obsession love of this gores pattern. I did a double page layout, double the love. Ode To Courtly Check.
MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check Kettle
MacKenzie-Childs Mug, Salt & Pepper Shakers
If you want to participate in the second half of the #WorldWatercolorMonth go to the Facebook page and join. I'll be back with more art soon. Later Gator.

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