Sunday, July 10, 2016

Feathering My Nest (#WorldWatercolorMonth)

I haven't posted for a few days and I've filled my time painting feathers. Maybe tomorrow I'll do a whole bird. ;o)

First I thought I'd try some peacock feathers. Although the drawing gave me great hope for the success of this painting, I don't really think it turned out much like I wanted it to. It became nearly impossible to add shadows with all the stuff going on "on top". I'll have to figure out how to add details to the eyes of the peacock feathers. Not sure how to subtly connote the fact they're made of thin feathers that are hooked together.

Peacock Feathers
The next feather I thought I'd do was a plain white one then play with the shadows and the background color. I really like how this one turned out. Although I don't have phthalo turquoise, I decided to try to mix it. It's on my wish list for Christmas, but then paint is always on my wish list, lol. Ya, I hear you. Line forms to the left Jenn, we ALL want more and more and more paint!!

White Feather on Turquoise
Finally I found a Macaw feather online and painted it up. I think this one turned out the best. These have been fun, it's surprising how difficult the details are to get right though.
Macaw Feather
I'll see you tomorrow with something else, not sure it'll have feathers though, lol. If you'd like to start participating in #WorldWatercolorMonth just go to the Facebook group to join.

Supplies used to create the above art: Daniel Smith or Schmencke watercolors in cobalt turquoise, phthalo blue, Payne's grey, neutral tint, phthalo yellow-green, sap green, pure yellow, manganese blue, french ultramarine PB60, burnt umber, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, buff titanium, Arches 140lb hot pressed paper, Da Vinci Meastro 1503 travel brushes size1, 2, 3, pencil F, kneaded eraser. Sakura Pigma Micron pen 005.


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  1. I stumbled across you via Tracey Fletcher-King... Wow, that is a LOT of books you have read!! I wish I read more, but it always makes me feel sleepy after one or two paragraphs! I do read from time to time, but maybe only a couple of books a year which is shameful really! Anyway, I really love your watercolours. It's amazing the texture you manage to find in what is basically water! I work in oils myself... Watercolours are tricky!! Your feathers are amazing, particularly the Peacock feather!


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