Monday, May 2, 2016

Three Colorful Peppers!

Eat Your Veggies
Yep, I'm still at it, painting veggies. And yes, before you ask, my home's walls are covered in fruit and veggie art. I really just love painting them. Today we have peppers, colorful peppers done in a loose graphic style, which seems to be where my style is going lately. I'm good with that, wherever it goes to get me to unique, I'm happy with.

I'm actually pretty darn thrilled with how they turned out. I used colors that weren't actually in the green peppers but then an artist is supposed to interpret what they see, right? So my using phthalo blue (red shade) in the shadows and some phthalo green (blue shade), also called viridian, in the lighter areas to give some oomph isn't a bad thing it's just a creative thing, lol. I also allowed the green pepper's darks to bleed into the red pepper's side, it helped to make it's shadow much more unique.

I'm even proud of the stems which just like leaves I have a terrible time with usually. This time I just let my eye tell me what to do instead of analyzing just exactly what I was seeing, I just let the artist interpret what my eyes were telling me. It feels a little like exhaling, like I finally "got it". Does that make sense? Anyway, here's some colorful peppers, may they inspire you to go buy and eat some! (They're so good on a baguette after you sauté them in olive oil with fresh garlic and add some capers. Go get creative with your peppers. It's called eating the rainbow and it's SO good for you!)
Oh, I just remembered that a year ago I finished up some of my last pages of my first Moleskine with a painting of peppers. Here's the comparison, I think I see some definite improvement. I like to think that I'm developing a style that I could be identified by. Hopefully if you saw something painted by me you'd think, oh, that's Jenn's painting. Crossing my fingers. ;o) Now I gotta go pick more veggies for tomorrow's painting. I take suggestions!


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  1. I love watching your style develop and your confidence grow in pushing boundaries and working outside your comfort zone... pretty fab all round!!!


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