Thursday, March 3, 2016

I Paint Therefore I Am

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So darn true, dat. I haven't been painting much at all in the last couple months and I found myself becoming unlike me the more time I let slip away. Therefore it is so true for me,
"I Paint Therefore I Am"
I can't get over how much just putting brush to paper makes in my mood. It's transformative. So, I guess I'm gonna try to remember exactly why I named my blog what I did... I wanted to remember that all I had to do to be successful in my own heart is Just Add Water Silly. For me, being an artist has always meant just putting in the work, finding the hours in the day, enjoying the process. I don't think I have to sell or be known to be an artist, I just have to embrace that watercolor paint runs through my veins and the best way I can feed my soul is to JUST PAINT.

So, it seems appropriate that I'm finally getting around to painting up all my paint tubes. I drew this up months and months ago. In fact, I think there's half a dozen pantings in my Moleskine after this unfinished page. Yes, I also procrastinate, lol. I'm really loving doing these, some would think, holy repetitive Batman but actually, seeing the shadows that are unique to each tube is so much fun and learning strength of my grays and Payne's is also very therapeutic.

I've always thought my worst thing was shadows so learning how to capture them successfully makes me feel all proud inside. I love all the nooks and crannies in each squeezed tube, they're festinating to study. That's not to say the drop shadows I add to each tube at the end won't do my head in but we'll trip over that bridge when we get there.

I only have the Daniel Smith tubes to go and it's kinda fun to randomly assign a color to a blank tube. I get my fun where I can find it. Talk later, K? Good!


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