Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Book Review: "The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum" By Kirsten Weiss

"The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum" By Kirsten Weiss comes out March 8, 2016. I had never read the author but the premise sounded fun and I felt like adding a cozy mystery to my reading list. 

The general outline of the story goes like this... Maddie Kosloski was fired from her high powered international job because she has ethics. She refused to pay a bribe to facilitate an ongoing project. Now, she finds herself back in her small hometown running the local Paranormal museum. Maddie tells herself she's just doing this to help a friend but when that same friend is accused of murdering the woman found dead in the museum, Maddie finds herself with a second job, trying to find the real killer. As the bodies start to pile up, Maddie has to figure out what she really wants before the killer targets her as the next victim.

What I found as I read through this cozy mystery was an unusual growing like of the book. I started out disappointed when a character did something colossally stupid in the first five minutes of the mystery. Unfortunately, that set the mood for the first half of the book. But a weird thing happened as I hit about sixty percent read. I found that I actually did NOT know who was the killer and even stranger, after only experiencing an average amount of joy reading until then, that I really, really wanted to know who did all the killing. I found myself actually enjoying the second half of the book much more than I expected. I'll say, that almost never happens when I start out not enjoying a book.

If cozy mysteries are your thing then you actually might like this one. The writing is tight and the details are so well winnowed out that I really couldn't figure out "who done it" until the end. I have to say the first half of the book was only a three star but by the end I'd give it a four. I think, if I came across this author again I'd try her a second time, I like where she's taking the main character. The book is an easy read, probably perfect for a lazy day cuddled next to the fire to keep warm with a cuppa by your side. Oh, and don't forget the chocolate covered cookies!


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