Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Book Review: "Passenger 19" by Ward Larsen

"Passenger 19" by Ward Larsen was a pretty darn good yarn. I'm not usually a "plane down, go rescue" kind of girl, I tend to choose the more traditional mysteries. But this was a very tightly written mystery that had me wondering how the hero was going to win the day.

Jammer Davis has been a pilot and a crash investigator for most of his adult life. He works for the NTSB and when a plane goes missing over the Columbian jungle, Jammer is called upon to be the one to investigate what caused it to go missing. There is a very good reason he was chosen, when Jammer's friend and boss looks at the flight manifest he recognizes a name on the passenger list. Jammer's daughter was on the fateful flight and there's no way Jammer isn't going to Columbia to find her. 

Now Jammer's job is to find out just what has happened on that fateful flight so he can locate his daughter, dead or alive. This distraught father has to separate his desperate fear for his daughter's life with his need to investigate thoroughly if he wants to solve the mystery of what happened to TAC-Air flight 223. His daughter's life may depend on Jammer's expertise as an investigator.

This was a solid four out of five stars. The author writes a beautifully integrated story and pairs Jammer's emotional state expertly with believable behavior. I loved how Larson imagined the Jammer character. Not a single note rang untrue. We had an expert in his field who had an uncanny knack for finding the truth in an investigation woven beautifully with an emotional dad who just wanted to find his daughter alive. Jammer was a tortured soul and as a reader I ached for the pain he went through as he investigated. I understand there are two other "Jammer Davis" mysteries that precede this one. I recommend reading all three but I'm happy to say this book stands strongly on it's own and you don't need to have the back-tstory to enjoy the book. Solidly recommended.


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  1. Thank you for this review. I'm going right to Amazon to find the book. I don't usually write comments, but I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your reviews. We like many of the same things.


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