Saturday, February 6, 2016

Book Review: "Find Her" By Lisa Gardner

"Find Her" By Lisa Gardner comes out February 9, 2016. I've read several Lisa Gardner books including "Catch Me", "Crash & Burn" and "Touch & Go". I've always enjoyed the mysteries by Gardner but my favorite character that she writes is definitely Detective D.D. Warren. Happily, "Find Her" is a D.D. Warren book and I was itching to get into it this weekend. I've read this book non-stop since Saturday evening and I've revealed in each hour. This was such a great book, let me tell you a little about it.

Detective D.D. Warren catches the strangest case. There's a naked, bound and battered young woman standing next to a dead man in an open garage. Who is the victim and who is the perpetrator? To find out what's going on Detective Warren has to learn about Flora, the naked woman in the garage. She has been kidnapped before. Seven years ago she was kept by a predator for four hundred and seventy two days. When she was rescued Flora is not the same woman.

Now Detective Warren suspects Flora has become some kind of vigilante or maybe a predator hunter. Her walls are covered with missing girls from the Boston area. When Flora disappears once again, Detective Warren suspects that there is a very smart serial kidnapper/murderer out there who is stalking young women in Boston. Warren just hopes some of these women are still alive and that Flora has left enough clues in her hunting that D.D. has some breadcrumbs to follow. 

I loved this book. Not only was it a great and exciting read but it had all the psychological angst of what a victim feels in a kidnapping situation. It left my heart both pounding and aching for the main character, Flora. The emotionally rending writing also forces the reader to put herself in the shoes of the victim. What would YOU do if you were at the mercy of a predator? Lisa Gardner must have a terrific imagination or access to forthcoming victims to write such a harrowingly accurate portrayal of the emotions of a kidnapped victim.

The mystery is fantastic, figuring out who is truly running this show was difficult and that made the book even better. When a mystery writer renders such an excellent book it thrills me. I love it when I even forget to eat because all I want to do is read, read, read. It's a rush to fall into a book and be unwilling to crawl back out. This is no cozy mystery, it's raw and meaty. If you haven't read a Lisa Gardner book, start here then work your way back through all the D.D. Warren series. You're so lucky to have found a new and luscious author!!

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