Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Filling The Gap

Hiya. There hasn't been much from me this last week but I'm hoping that I can change that really soon. I'm having trouble with carpel tunnel in my dominant hand so painting (and typing for that matter) is darn hard. If I want this to heal I have to let it alone and just not use the hand for a few more days. I didn't know until a few years ago that I had weak wrists that were prone to carpel tunnel. Up until this time the problem has always been in my right wrist (non-dominant). 

Anyway, all I have is from early last week, just adding a little playfulness to my sketchbook. I gave a good friend tea snails for a silly Christmas present. She's notoriously hard to get kitsch for when it comes to tea because I think she may own EVERY cute infuser in the world. Hehehe. These little silicone snails sit on the edge of your mug and you wrap the teabag string around it's shell. I thought they were just so unique and cute that I had to get them for her. I figured if she usually used loose tea, she could put them along a pen cup so they could sit and watch her and cheer on the art she makes. Hope you're having a pleasant week all!


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  1. Gorgeous fun artwork Jenn, now I wonder who those snails went to? (wink wink 😉)
    It's strange that you are suffering with carpet tunnel because I might have it to... in my right hand. Which is very annoying because it's my dominant hand.
    We make a right pair!
    I hope you manage to get some relief soon. Have a great week xx

  2. Oh no, not caral tunnel:-( I am getting to this late... so I am hoping that it is mostly resolved by now? Fun snails! I wonder if they snailed to Australia...


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