Sunday, January 3, 2016

Book Review: "Three Truths & A Lie" By Lisa Gardner

"Three Truths & A Lie" By Lisa Gardner comes out January 5, 2016. This is a great little short story that introduces you to Lisa Gardner's writing style and her popular Detective D.D. Warren character. There are ten mysteries in this series so any reader who likes Gardner's writing has a plethora of meaty books to read.

It looks like this short story will be only $1.99 on Kindle when it comes out so I think it's a great way to meet the series' main character. This novella also includes a preview of Gardner's next mystery to come out, "Find Her", which I will be reviewing in February 2016 just before it's publishing date. I'm pretty excited to get reading that one.

Boston Detective D.D. Warren is intimidated by very few things but this latest assignment has her tied up in psychological knots. How did she get roped in to giving a fifty minute speech to a large group of thriller writers who thrive on bloodlust? D.D. has no idea what she's going to say about police procedure or how she might educate a bunch of writers on true police work. At the last minute she realizes all she has to do is use one of her actual cases. Who wouldn't be interested in a twisted case involving murder, drugs, cheap hotel rooms, prostitution and a severed leg? 

Lisa Gardner always hits them out of the park, so to speak. I've never read a mystery from her that I didn't like. Although this novella is short, it still holds the reader's interest through to the last sentence. I laughed out loud several times at some of the tongue in cheek dialogue that makes Gardner's characters great. I also loved how she wove a few actual writer's names into the story, it made the context of the story feel really real. I could imagine D.D. Warren standing in a lecture hall talking to a bunch of cheeky authors as she tried to keep them interested. This was a solid four out of five star read, I just wish it was longer! Luckily I have a full novel from Gardner to read soon. 

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