Friday, November 13, 2015

AEDM - Dy Fourteen

What a terrible thing to happen in Paris. I'm horrified. It makes one feel so helpless to hear of such terrible acts against innocent people. It also feels a little weird to post about something so silly as my glasses and how I drew them up this afternoon, immortalizing them on a page. Yes, I'm supposed to do art about my life and I'm thrilled to have a terrific pair of glasses that help me see ever so much better. But it feels so trivial somehow. I'm sure everybody is feeling the same way though, I'm not alone, I'm sure.

So, I'm gonna leave it at the art and say I'm so sorry terrorism has landed within your borders again. I hope and pray for the recovery of all who were affected.
My New Glasses

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  1. But this is NOT trivial, because these glasses help YOU see the world and all the horrors in it. And I got to see the beauty of the new glasses, and agree with your words.

  2. It is good to create art through all the times in life, good and bad. It's also good to be thankful for what we have. I also agree with Bleubeard and Elizabeth. Keep on creating, keep on empathizing, keep on loving - it's what keeps us human. <3

  3. Just imagine you stopped creating art - that would not stop terrorists from creating their horrors. So, keep on creating. At the very least it helps soothing your soul. That's what it does to me.
    You've done a great job with your glasses.

    p.s. AEDM rocks!

  4. I've just posted my entry for the day, and wandered over here to comment on yours. It sounds like we had similar thoughts.

    Good work on the glasses, I'd be lost without mine; although it's an interesting experiment to see what you can do without them. It stops you focussing on details too much.


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