Sunday, November 1, 2015

AEDM - Day One

So, here we are again, in November. I can't believe how quickly this year has flown by. I have to admit, with the very, very hot summer this year, I was so glad to move into Fall. But now, with the time change already in the wind, we're into WINTER. I don't want to be in winter yet. I protest! I don't think Mother Nature is gonna listen though. Maybe we'll be lucky and only get rain this winter, I've heard that El Niño just may give me my wish. Ooh a Christmas gift before Christmas would be great!

Speaking of Christmas, have any of you started planning your season? We usually start mid-September, collecting recipes, thinking about how we want Christmas to feel this year and dreaming of putting the tree up. Strangely we haven't even started thinking or prepping for 2015's Christmas so far. I'm pretty sure it's because here in the McLean household we're doing a complex diet type thing. I'm trying to find out what foods I might be sensitive to so I can reduce the incidence of tummy pain and tamp down on inflammation. It's actually a cool way of eating, it's just rigorous as you have to only change ONE food per day. It kind of means you cook for two days at a time and change only one item, like today we added chickpeas. Good to go on those so far, lol.
Green Beans
So it's gonna be a month at least until I drag the tree up here and cover it in tinsel. Have any of you even SEEN tinsel in years?? Ya, me either. Anyway, all this has nothing to do with the piece of art I painted today. How am I gonna connect green beans with Christmas? I guess they could be a side dish. (right after I test them, that is, hehehe.) Ok, so for the first day of Art Everyday 2015 we have GREEN BEANS. Anyone got a pat of butter??

Talk later, K?
Good! I need coffee, painting after so long totally did my head in. Give me a few days to acclimate. Maybe I need some chocolate too.....


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  1. So glad to be able to reconnect during this month of intense art. I love the green beans and they are so, so good for you, too. I can't believe how long it's been since I visited. That's my bad, but at least we'll see what each other is up to during this month, at least. I always admire your art, and am so impressed with your sketches and coloring.

  2. This is beautiful!!! What gorgeous work. I'm going to enjoy following your daily art this month!

  3. Well you make green beans look yummy! Beautiful painting :)

  4. Nice beans, but they need some lemon to make them zing as a festive side dish :)


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