Wednesday, November 4, 2015

ADEM - Day Three & Four

I'm combining posts because I'm having a heck of a time catching up to the group doing AEDM. I'm on the Pacific coast of Canada so I'm three hours behind many of the posters in this month's art everyday challenge. This means that by the evening I'm already totally behind. I find myself posting close to the next days ADEM post, the last on the totem pole so to speak. I hate that. So, I did two smaller pieces today and decided to combine them into one post for Day 4, thus getting "ahead". YAY!!

The first thing I did was my trusty Sakura Micron Pen. What artist doesn't use hundreds of these over a lifetime? This is my Ode To My Black Pen. What else can I say, they rock. (Don't forget archival and waterproof!)

Ode To My Micron Pen
My next piece is another Ode actually. My wonderful cousin hooked us up with Netflix a couple of weeks ago. Without his help we wouldn't have tried as I know NOTHING about Netflix or any other streaming services or how to "get" it. Total blank on that subject. Think of an empty box, like that. Someone mentions Netflix (or for that matter, Amazon TV, Shoime, Hulu, Google play etc.) I get a vacant stare that shows no one is home. 

Ode To Netflix
But now I'm totally in the know. Ok, I get Netflix. Don't ask me about all the others. I'm in LOVE too. In love with Netflix. I thought I'd totally go for the TV programs I'd missed over the years like Breaking Bad or The Office, or maybe a bunch of movies. But no. I'm addicted to documentaries. Yep, you heard it. I guess I'm not so much a shallow pool, only interested in mysteries and good fiction. I love information, and I can't seem to get enough! I've watched hundreds of hours of TED talks and since each one is always less than say, twenty minutes, that's saying something.

I've learned SO much in just a few weeks of binge watching. I've seen that engineers have finally figured out how to make a mechanical bird fly just like a real bird. And it flew around the room. I've also seen robotics engineers proudly show an exoskeleton that helps soldiers carry more than two hundred pounds of stuff on their backs without hurting the soldier. They use the same technology to make paraplegics walk. They actually walk, swear to god. I've heard brilliant doctors talk about cancer and that with new techniques like angiogenesis we can actually make cancer a paper tiger, no threat anymore. They've done it in the lab with actual human patients. Holy cow. I'll let you look up angiogenesis, but essentially it has to do with teaching the body not to feed the cancer by not giving it access to our capillary system growth. No food for cancer, no cancer. It dies. And no chemotherapy. 

How about teaching your body that stress is actually good for you? That if you believe that even overwhelming stress cannot hurt you, then it won't. Again, holy cow! And here's a quote that I loved. It came from the same TED talk where this social psychologist told us about stress. Here's the quote...

Chasing meaning is more helpful
than avoiding discomfort.

I'll leave you with that thought today. Have a great day!


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  1. I love Microns, Netflix and documentaries as well! I don't worry about posting late to AEDM. I started late this year, and haven't posted everyday, even though I am working everyday. Here's to a good and creative month! ~Stacie

  2. I know that AEDM feeling! yesterday I was no' 2, today I'm at the back of the queue!

    And, i'm another Netflix convert. Which isn't bad for somebody who hasn't had a TV for years. :)

  3. My friend Sally has been raving about Netflix, and TED, too. I have no idea what she or you are talking about, but I DO know about those Micron pens. I have three (.05, .01, .10). Let me warn you of one thing (that I'm sure you know). Don't use them around or over gesso. Gesso is a Micron pen killer. I'm sure you don't need to ask why!

    Glad to know you are now caught up. Yes, I started on the 31st, knowing Leah posts at midnight eastern time. So I just adjusted my schedule to keep with hers.

  4. Sounds all very familiar. From being the last one to link up and to loving Netflix, or rather, streaming. Once we got the hang of it - that's what we do. We do not have a TV, so all series etc. we are watching streaming.
    I just got my first set of Micron pens as I have only started 'doodling', and I love them. i hope to be seeing you around.


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