Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Book Review: "Host" by Robin Cook

I was happy when I was contacted to find out if I wanted to read and review Robin Cook's newest thriller, "Host". I remembered that the name Cook used to be spoken reverently in our home when I was a teen. His books were always fought over by my parents, who got to read the latest tome first. I was therefore excited to read a Cook thriller, I have to admit, I thought "why haven't I picked one of his books up recently?". This offer from G.P. Putnam’s Sons/Penguin Random House certainly would correct my omission.

Lynn Peirce, a fourth year medical student at Mason-Dixon University hospital is our main character. Lynn encouraged her boyfriend Carl to have his simple knee operation done at her Hospital and she even recommended the perfect doctor to do it. But something goes wrong with the anesthesia and Carl doesn't wake up after surgery. Lynn is stunned but when she hears of another case of a simple surgery ending in the patient being comatose she becomes suspicious. Is there something going on in Mason-Dixon University Hospital? As Lynn and her medical school partner Michael look for answers, their medical careers and their very lives are put in danger. Searching for the truth may be very bad for their health.

Although Mr. Cook is still a wonderful writer who illicits feelings of excitement in the reader, this newest novel seems to be somewhat of a rehash of an older Cook thriller. As I understand, "Coma", written in 1977, was Robin Cook's first big hit. I am sorry to say that "Host" seems to be a rehash of the main theme of that first book. 

Now, that's not to say it isn't good, at least for those who have never read Cook. I, however was a little disappointed. For me, because I had read "Coma", I found this book to be only a three star out of five. If you haven't ever read Cook though, I'd recommend trying this one, it has all the latest technological upgrades to the medical field added in that wouldn't have existed in 1977. I just wish this had been more of an original and new Cook book.


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