Sunday, September 6, 2015

Book Review: "Breathe & Release" by Katherine Hayton

"Breathe & Release" by Katherine Hayton was published August 31, 2015 so it is already available from your book seller.

Elisabet lives in Christchurch, New Zealand and all she knows is her name. She wakes up in terrible pain and is told she was in a horrible car accident and has amnesia. When she is finally released from the hospital she goes home with her husband who she learns she had been separated from before the accident. The care he gives her quickly descends into first uncaring and apathy, then abuse.

In another part of Christchurch a woman lies on a dirt floor, in a dark room. She is hooded and her hands are bound behind her. She is hungry and thirsty, her captor isn't feeding her, he's only watching her struggle, panic and slowly starve to death.

Breathe & Release is about the intersection of these two women and their lives. Both are struggling to save their themselves. The question is whether Elsabet's bruised and battered brain can heal fast enough so her memory can help both women survive.

If you like dark, really dark books then this is one for you. I don't usually read books that are this twisted and sinister but I took a chance on Breath & Release. I have to say, it's not my favorite but the writing is tight, the story is well thought out and there are good twists, turns and red herrings so the reader is kept on their proverbial toes. If I take my personal dislike of psychopaths out of the mix, this book is a solid four star.

Let me add one helpful hint. (I promise, no spoilers). If you find yourself having trouble suspending disbelief in the behavior of the main character in the first third of the book, go with it, it will all be satisfyingly explained in the end. Any lover of the TV programs "Dexter" or "Hannibal" would love this book. This book is a intricate psychological voyage and is only made better by the author's prowess as a storyteller.


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