Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Book Review: "A Body To Spare" by Sue Ann Jaffarian

"A Body To Spare" by Sue Ann Jaffarian will be published on November 8, 2015.

I chose this mystery because I was excited about the idea that the main character was not gorgeous tall and thin. I thought it would be nice to read a character that was a little more like me, short and... rubenesque, lol. I'll admit that I found it really enjoyable when I related to some of the things the main character, Odelia felt. When she found herself tired, with aching knees after running after a suspect I smiled with understanding.

Odelia Grey is a paralegal who seems to be a corpse magnet. Every time she turns around a body shows up in her vicinity. This time there's a naked dead twenty-something man taped up in her trunk. When the police run the fingerprints of the body they find that he was Zak Finch, who had been kidnapped eight years ago. Odelia begins looking into Zak's previous life and where he's been for the past decade. What Odelia and her husband are worried about is that Zak's death is somehow connected to one of the unsavory people Odelia has connected with. She has collected some unusual associations over the years, being a corpse magnet. Until she clears her name, her life is in danger.

I really loved this book, it was daily a four out of five stars. It was also an easy chick lit kind of cozy mystery. I loved the character of Odelia, Sue Ann Jaffarian wrote her to be funny, street smart and so darn likable. I really appreciated the easy reading of this mystery. It was no struggle to follow all the clues but the mystery was complicated enough that I didn't figure out who was the ultimate culprit, although I was in the vicinity by the end. If you're looking for a fun and easy read that makes you feel like putting your feet up with a good cuppa coffee then pick up "A Body To Spare". Here's some even better news, there are nine previous Odelia Grey books and two short stories. So if you love this one as much as I did then you can read Sue Ann Jaffarian mysteries for many months before you run out!


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Book Review: "Cover Shot" by LynDee Walker

"Cover Shot" by LynDee Walker is being published on November 10, 2015.

I loathe being enthusiastic about something I don't like so I'm thrilled to say I LOVED THIS BOOK! Yep, all in capitals. You saw it, I'm totally enthralled with this series, how did I miss the first four? I'm certainly glad I found the fifth and read it greedily, hardly stoping to eat or sleep until the last page was devoured.

"Cover Shot" is the fifth book in this Agatha Nominated series about an intrepid crime reporter named Nichelle Clarke. Nichelle hears on her police scanner that a death has occurred in a ritzy building in Richmond. As an ethical reporter with the trust of the detectives on  the case, Nichelle expected the usual details about whether this was a murder or just a tragic death. When it seems there's a gag on her favorite police detectives it spurs Nichelle on to discover just what's up. Her plate gets even fuller when it seems the same person who has been sending Nichelle ominous Twitter messages for weeks has taken hostages in the hospital and demands to talk to her.

Nichelle may want to get the inside scoop but she doesn't want to win in the news business if it means hurting anyone. I like her ethics, she's an enthusiastic woman with a quick mind. Nichelle is willing to put in the legwork to find answers most people wouldn't winnow out. She balances her dogged determination to get the story with her compassion for the victims and their families and she does it all in her high heel Louboutins.

LynDee Walker has written a five out of five star mystery. It works so well because the author expertly weaves her clues into an intricate web that allows the reader to follow the bread crumbs as long as they pay close attention. I absolutely fell in love with Walker's Nichelle Clarke. She's incredibly likable and that's makes the book even more enjoyable. For me, this was the perfect mystery. I had to really use my creativity to come up with a way to get the information Nichelle would need to solve the crime. I also loved it when the author wrote in an idea down that made me think, "Ohh, that was smart!". I'm so glad I have another four books to read until I've run out of "high heel mysteries". I've already downloaded book one, "Front Page Fatality". Now that I know Nichelle as a character, I can't wait to get her backstory. You can't lose with this series, you'd have to be brain dead not to love it. And that's my opinion, period. 


Sunday, September 6, 2015

Book Review: "Breathe & Release" by Katherine Hayton

"Breathe & Release" by Katherine Hayton was published August 31, 2015 so it is already available from your book seller.

Elisabet lives in Christchurch, New Zealand and all she knows is her name. She wakes up in terrible pain and is told she was in a horrible car accident and has amnesia. When she is finally released from the hospital she goes home with her husband who she learns she had been separated from before the accident. The care he gives her quickly descends into first uncaring and apathy, then abuse.

In another part of Christchurch a woman lies on a dirt floor, in a dark room. She is hooded and her hands are bound behind her. She is hungry and thirsty, her captor isn't feeding her, he's only watching her struggle, panic and slowly starve to death.

Breathe & Release is about the intersection of these two women and their lives. Both are struggling to save their themselves. The question is whether Elsabet's bruised and battered brain can heal fast enough so her memory can help both women survive.

If you like dark, really dark books then this is one for you. I don't usually read books that are this twisted and sinister but I took a chance on Breath & Release. I have to say, it's not my favorite but the writing is tight, the story is well thought out and there are good twists, turns and red herrings so the reader is kept on their proverbial toes. If I take my personal dislike of psychopaths out of the mix, this book is a solid four star.

Let me add one helpful hint. (I promise, no spoilers). If you find yourself having trouble suspending disbelief in the behavior of the main character in the first third of the book, go with it, it will all be satisfyingly explained in the end. Any lover of the TV programs "Dexter" or "Hannibal" would love this book. This book is a intricate psychological voyage and is only made better by the author's prowess as a storyteller.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Book Review: "Her Final Breath" by Robert Dugoni

"Her Final Breath" by Robert Dugoni will be published on September 15, 2015. I already read the first book in this series, "My Sister's Grave", just click over for that review.

I can honestly say that I liked "Her Final Breath" even more than I liked the first in the series, "My Sister's Grave". I had high hopes for Dugoni's second Tracy Crosswhite book and I'm thrilled to say the author upped his game and exceeded my expectations. Once again, I had trouble figuring out who done it which is so unusual for me and heightened the enjoyment factor of this book. I love when I really have to struggle to suss out the clues.

This time our main character, Tracy Crosswhite, a homicide detective for the Seattle PD, is hunting a serial killer. This prolific killer is dubbed The Cowboy for the way he hogties his victims before strangling them. Tracy doesn't want to let the victims down and she, along with her task force run down every lead, trying to find a thread that will take down this cruel murderer. 

Tracy is not only fighting to solve multiple murders but also fighting her boss. Johnny Nolasco isn't making Tracy's job easy. He is thwarting her every effort by covertly tipping off  a local reporter, offering rewards for information which inundates Tracy with thousands of ridiculous phone calls and even cuts her task force to a skeleton crew of police officers. Tracy's uphill battle to use her skills as a detective and come up with who The Cowboy is before he kills yet another pretty young woman will push her to consider quitting after she solves this case. 

The Tracy Crosswhite character is so well written that the reader feels like they're getting to know a friend as they read her harrowing journey to stop a killer. Rooting for the good guy is always a perfect place to be as a reader when an author writes a top notch character. I found myself hating Tracy's boss so much I would yell at the novel when Nolasco would thwart Tracy's efforts to do her job. I especially love books that make me feel emotions strongly. Dugoni not only wrote a five star novel here, with a mystery that keeps you guessing but he also bloomed a fantastic character in Tracy Crosswhite. I can't wait to read the next in this series! Finding Dugoni and the Tracy Crosswhite character, for me, is much like when I came across J.D. Robb's Eve Dallas, John D. McDonald's Travis McGee and Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta. Now I'm thoroughly addicted and it's all your fault, Mr. Dugoni. So please write fast so I can enjoy another book in this series.



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