Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Cherry On Top

It seems it was months ago that I had the inspiration to line up a bunch of cherries in my large Moleskine and paint them up. I got as far as drawing interesting cherry shapes and putting the word "Cherries" under the drawing. Then I started Tracey Fletcher King's class and got totally involved in paint veggies on actual paper, not in a sketchbook.
Five and a half Cherries
Just yesterday I opened my large Moleskine and thought I should finish those cherries. So I did. It was such fun splashing the paint around. I used every red and pink and purple have. There was quin red, quin pink, quin magenta, carbazole violet, pure yellow, vermillion, transparent orange and permanent red. Oh, and new gamboge too. I really did these wet on wet. I started with yellow then just kept adding colors where I wanted them until the cherries looked like I thought they should. I added shadows using Payne's grey and some of the color of that cherry as the reflected color in the shadow. The only thing I'm not as thrilled with is the stems. I'm just not sure how to make them look more three dimensional. I tried layers, darker to the edges but the stems are so thin it was hard. Other than that, I'm happy. Up next? Ice Cream & Popcicles (yup, paint what you can't have!). I've also already drawn out all my paint tubes onto one large Moleskine page. It looks so graphic, I can't wait to see it with some paint! Later Gator.


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