Saturday, August 1, 2015

Did You Bring Me A Letter?

I'm not a happy camper. Canada Post is phasing in community mailboxes for EVERYBODY. Yes, you heard me. Not just rural homes, but everyone in Canada. I heard we are the first developed country to dispense with home delivery. I've even seen that they're usurping little pieces of people's land to put the ugly boxes on! 

I can't help thinking of the elderly, infirm and handicapped. How do you go get your mail, all the way down the block in the snow and ice when you're seventy-five with a cane? The other egregious thing is that we pay exorbitant prices to mail anything! Just to mail a little package, like two inches square and an inch high, weighing a pound. It costs us more than $10 to ship that to the next city, like Nanaimo to Victoria which is less than a two hour drive in the car. Sheesh.

Canada Post Community Mailbox
Old Mailbox (Click to Enlarge)
A single stamp is one dollar now. I know I shouldn't be such a Debbie Downer but it's insane to have such HIGH prices to ship anything and STILL also not actually deliver ANYTHING TO the person who ordered it. It means there's no point ordering anything from within the city. You'll still have to go pick the package up so why not just go to the out of the way shop.

I am totally crossing my fingers and praying to the mail Gods that the next election this Fall will change this whole community mailbox plan. I miss the old mailboxes. Now seeing one is like seeing public phone booths, dinosaurs and dodo birds. 

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  1. Oh that is such a shame. Sometimes I think the powers that be don't think things through properly... they just need to save money. We have a lot of little local post offices disappearing.They are now part of a supermarket or newsagents. I'm afraid I must be an old fuddyduddy because I like the little community post offices.
    They didn't just sell stamps.
    Rant over... I suppose we have to accept change (sigh)


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