Monday, August 3, 2015

Book Review: "Trust No One" by Paul Cleave

"Trust No One" by Paul Cleave will be published August 4, 2015 and I sure do recommend you read it. This one was a definite five out of five star. If you have had anyone in your family or even a friend who has Alzheimer's disease then this psychological thriller is not only a great mystery to enjoy but you'll also get a real idea about what it might feel like to have this insidious disease.

Our main character is Jerry Grey. Jerry is a famous writer who writes crime thrillers under the pseudonym Henry Cutter. As Henry Cutter, Jerry has kept his readers enthralled throughout his twelve books. But now Jerry has a problem. At the early age of fourth-nine, he's just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

Jerry tells all the wanna-be authors he meets to "write what you know, fake the rest". His motto becomes a problem when Jerry cannot tell what he made up and what he actually experienced. Jerry wrote exquisitely intense books about psychopaths and murder and now, as Alzheimer's slowly muddles his brain, he begins confessing to the murders that he wrote about in his books. The police, the nurses in the home where Jerry now lives, and even his daughter become Jerry's audience as he continues to confess to more and more terrible crimes.

Is Jerry really a murderer? Has he just lost his grip on reality? The reader is led on a harrowing path of misdirection, red herrings and Jerry's sheer fantasy and the trick is to try and figure out what is real and what is Jerry's terrible disease.
I found this thriller an easy way to digest the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. It really helped to connect to a likable character and try to understand what this decent into illness would be like. I would highly recommend "Trust No One" to anyone, even if you just want an intricate psychological thriller that keeps you guessing until the end. Cleave is an award winning author and that's obvious reading this book. The prose are so smooth, Cleave makes it easy for the reader to accept Jerry's "crazy" thinking. I applaud how beautifully Paul Cleave wove his mystery and he forced the reader to consider how horrible it would feel to lose one's mind slowly. Not only was this book a spectacular thriller but it also taught the reader about a disease that each of us should pray to avoid.


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