Monday, July 13, 2015

Book Review: "My Sister's Grave" by Robert Dugoni

"My Sister's Grave" by Robert Dugoni has already been published so feel free to go and read it right now!

Twenty years ago Sarah Crosswhite disappeared. The truck she was driving was found abandoned on a back road of her small town. Sarah's older sister Tracy has carried the guilt of allowing her eighteen year old little sister to drive her truck home alone one evening after they both competed in a shooting competition.

Tracy is now a homicide detective but she won't let her sister's case go. Although there was a conviction in her sister's case, Tracy believes there's been a miscarriage of justice. She thinks the sheriff, the prosecutor and even her own father conspired to put Edmund House behind bars for Sarah's murder. Mr. House had already been previously convicted of rape and served his sentence so Tracy thinks he made a perfect fall guy for her sister's disappearance. Even without a body Edmund House is convicted but if Tracy wants to reopen her sister's case she will have to overturn House's conviction. That's what she's been working toward for so many years.

When Sarah's body is ultimately discovered, Tracy finally has new evidence to work with. She teams up with her old friend Dan who has just moved back to their small town of Cedar Grove after an unfulfilling career and an unhappy marriage crumbles. Dan is a lawyer, maybe he can help Tracy put the piece together so she can find some closure with her sister's death.

Dugoni is a wonderful writer, his plot, characters and prose are smooth and easy to follow. I found "My Sister's Grave" easy to immerse myself into and to imagine the pain of the main character. It was also easy to feel the pain and loss that the main character must have felt. I found myself unsurprised that Tracy became a cop after the disappearance of her sister, anyone with serious doubts about a crime that touches them so intimately would seek answers. 

"My Sister's Grave" gave a strong four out of five star performance as the plot moved along at a good pace and it kept the reader wondering just who might have killed Tracy's sister. Sussing out what pieces of evidence were red herrings kept me guessing almost to the end of the book, which is unusual for me. This was a good, strong mystery and I look forward to reading the next book in this new series by Robert Dugoni. I'll be reading "Her Final Breath" in the next few months as it comes out onto bookshelves on September 15, 2015. So, if you want to read a good new series with a strong female lead, try "My Sister's Grave" because it's out now and then in a few months you can read the next in the series. No waiting a year for the next book to come out. Good deal!!

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