Friday, July 10, 2015

Book Review: "Die For Me" by Jack Lynch

This is the second thriller written by Jack Lynch that I've read recently. "Die For Me" is being re-released by Brash Books. Before he died in 2008 Lynch wrote eight "Peter Bragg" mysteries. I'm so happy that Brash Books publishing decided to reissue them. Lynch's thrillers remind me of John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee books, another author that is sadly missed. Both authors knew how to write spectacular characters, their private detectives are so likable, strong and interesting you just can't put the book down.

This time Peter Bragg is hired by a psychic. Maribeth is reluctant to go to  the police and tell them her vision of multiple murder and graves, she's sure they will think she's a crank. But she contacts Bragg to be her mouthpiece when she continues to see this brutal vision, and bodies continue to be added to her nightmare. The worst thing about her psychic vision is that Meribeth feels she is in mortal danger from this serial killer.

Bragg convinces the police to listen to Maribeth and with some searching, a mass grave is found. Now Bragg has to help the police find a connection between the victims as it seems the only way of finding the killer. Bragg also has to keep an eye on Maribeth, just in case her feelings about her own impending death are correct.

Lynch was a master writer. His expertise shows in this, the final Bragg mystery. This was by far a five star novel and if I were you I'd go back and read all the newly re-published Bragg books. I read this one in one gulp, I stayed up until the sun started to peak through the curtains, it was that good. Here's a list of all eight books. I know you'll enjoy them.

  1. The Dead Never Forget
  2. The Missing & The Dead
  3. Pieces Of Death
  4. Wake Up & Die
  5. Speak For The Dead
  6. Yesterday Is Dead
  7. Truth Or Die
  8. Die For Me


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