Friday, June 19, 2015

Let's Play In The Leaves

So I have a new challenge. I'm supposed to learn to relax and loosen up when it comes to my painting. I know I can do paintings that are accurate but I really want to learn to be more spontaneous. I want to infuse more me into my own art and that involves allowing myself to make mistakes. *sigh*. If you know me you know that this could be painful, lol. I'm a notorious perfectionist but I'm gonna slay that dragon so my art can improve. I want someone seeing my art to recognize it as mine.

Here's the challenge: Splash a bunch of colors across a page, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue and then draw a bunch of leaves over top of the paint splotches. Now here's the hard part. Paint your leaves using only pure color, use only three layers then add shadows.

So, first there's the splotches with naked leaves.
Naked Leaves (A)Naked Leaves (B)
Here's the same piece of paper with the leaves painted. I've posted both upside down and right side up (so you can see all the leaves accurately). Click any picture to see an enlarged view.
Right Side Up Painted LeavesUpside Down Painted Leaves
So, I still have the other page to paint up tomorrow. I was surprised at how tiring this was. I guess allowing for things to go horribly wrong is stressful, lol. I did it though. I threw paint at the paper, I only put three layers on each leaf and I only used pure color, no mixing. I'm darn proud of myself and I've learned how to make my leaves more interesting and loose. *whew*.

Onward and upward. Tomorrow, more leaves and maybe I'll allow myself to do some green beans as a treat. Who knew I could be excited about green beans? 

Now I'm gonna go make myself a big cuppa hazelnut coffee and see if I can't hunt up some chocolate. Heeeerrrre chocolate - chocolate - chocolate... It doesn't seem to be coming when I call. Huh. Maybe I'll leave a chocolate trap out. ;o)

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  1. Oh I know just what you've been through here Jennifer, I nearly had to go on a chocolate hunt just by reading this.
    But look at the results... they're fantastic xx

  2. It's good to visit you via your blog after quite a while. I always love your work, even if you don't think it's spontaneous enough. Have fun with your leaves and happy Sunday Sketches!

  3. ooh.I love visiting your blog.Unfortunately I took a break from the blogging world,so missed quite a few updates.This page is delicious.I love the leaves with the fall colours.Best of luck for all your experiments.In my eyes you are super accomplished and can't really go wrong.:-)


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