Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I Wish Someone Would Bring Home The Bacon

(Photo by Lucas Zarebinski)
Wouldn't you just love a bacon and tomato sandwich right now? With some good mayo and vine ripe tomatoes, all red and delicious? Ya, me too. That's how I've been feeling all day as I look at the photograph I was using to paint up my tomatoes.

I actually have a great little story about that. Vine ripe tomatoes, that is. We lived with my uncle Bob years ago. One day he came home with  dead looking tiny tomato plant. He said that Thrifty's, our grocer, was giving them away because they had missed being watered for days and the store offered anyone who wanted some to take a dying plant and see if they could save it. I laughed at the pathetic looking thing and thought the poor little plant didn't stand a chance. As fate would have it, we were digging up the front garden that day. It was a mass of weeds piled up against the small retaining wall just before the house began. We all got in there and mounded new mulched dirt then added a bunch of fish fertilizer to it. We planted a huge amount of alyssum and that pathetic little tomato plant right in front so everything would spill over the retaining wall.

It rained all that night and through the next day, which was good for the garden. What we didn't know until much later is that all that rain right after fertilizing had washed ALL the fertilizer to the edge of the mounded dirt, right next to the reining wall. One month later we had the bushiest alyssum overflowing that wall and THE SWEETEST baby tomatoes I'd ever eaten in my life. There were only three little tomatoes on that tiny plant but that fruit tasted like ambrosia. I didn't think it was possible for a tomato to taste that delicious. The experience taught me that yes, in fact tomatoes are a fruit after all, lol. Every so often, when we get really good, juicy tomatoes I think of that truly delicious baby tomato and my mouth drools. Ya gotta love a good vine ripe tomato.
Painted Vine Ripe Tomatoes
Onward and upwerd tomorrow. I wonder what I'll paint next?


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