Saturday, June 6, 2015

How Much Paint Can You Throw At A Piece Of Papar?

B&W Fruit & Veg Drawing
The class Delicious Paint (you still have time to sign up) is going so well it's miraculous. I've never learned so much in such a short time. Tracey Fletcher King is a fabulous teacher.

On the left is what I started out with, a bunch of veggies drawn onto Arches hot pressed 12" x 16" sheet of 140lb paper. I randomly drew them out and started painting right to left. You've already seen the painted green onions and lemon but here they are again. (click to enlarge photos)

The next thing I painted was the the beets. I was really trepidatious to try to do the beet tops. I haven't been great at leaves for a long while but I actually like the way they turned out. I decided to layer different colors under them. The darker ones I layered cobalt turquoise as the underpainting and the lighter ones I used pure yellow or new gamboge. It worked to help me remember what to put where and it gave a lovely glow to them Yay! Success.
BeetsBeet Tops
Ok, so next I did the apple and the blueberries. After a suggestion from Tracey, I added some more purple to the blueberry bums Who doesn't need purple on their bum, right? I also learned a cool new trick. If you add to much white pen to a drawing, like you go crazy with the highlights, you can knock them back by using a 1 or 2 brush with a good point and dip it in a little water. then carefully add that tip to the white that you want to knock down then dab (don't rub!)  with a tissue. The white pen will probably dissolve and most of it can be picked up. Works like a charm.
BlueberriesGranny Smith Apple
Then there was only the garlic and strawberry left. I had such fun with the garlic. Who knew that there was cobalt turquoise and blush pink under all that buff titanium skin? All I had to do is add Payne's grey shadows and I was done. The strawberry was an interesting challenge. The seeds were the main problem. I decided to finish painting it then deal with the seeds on the flesh. I carefully added white pen inside each seed then, after it dried I hit it with pure yellow or yellow ochre, depending on the seed placement. Then I added highlights under some seeds and knocked the white back like I described above. Ha! It worked. All these tricks and tips coming from the brilliant teacher Tracey Fletcher King have helped improve my paintings so much. Who knew that for a $55 class you could learn so much. And this is only the sixth day! I have a passel of videos to still watch.
You can still sign up for Delicious Paint over at Community Thrive. If you want to improve your drawing and watercolor skills you couldn't do better than this! Tomorrow there'll be bananas, orange peppers and a bunch of other veggies. I'm raiding the crisper again!!

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  1. Amazing Jennifer, but then you are so talented anyway. I'm loving Tracey's class too. It fun and as you mentioned there's so many tips and techniques passed on.She's so generous to share her talent and knowledge.
    Your strawberry has won my heart 🍓
    It's brilliant. I've seen your bananas too ( sounds a little rude) and they are award winning too.
    You'll definitely be up for a star with work like this 😍 See you in class xoxo

    1. Sorry I've used my kindle to comment hence the mistakes above. Apologies X

  2. I feel like I could grab your produce! Beautifully rendered 😊

  3. So, I'm all like, "Who is this amazing Jennifer McLean who is posting all the fabulous fruit/veg on the Delicious Paint Pinterest board??" - Turns out it you - the great justaddwatersilly lady - who I already follow!
    I am obviously behind in my blog reading but wanted to tell you how inspiring your work is - Great job - LOVE that lemon!!

  4. I just love ur beet tops! Wow! Such detail!


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