Friday, June 26, 2015

Holy Exploding Nail Polish Batman!

Just a quick blog post to share my latest foray into color & paint. I don't know if you know this about me but I love nail polish. It's the one place on my person that I allow myself to be very colorful and vain. I'm proud of my pretty manicures and I've learned to be an expert amateur application specialist (read: I put it on good). ;o)

My mother and aunt went shopping at the new Sephora that just opened in Nanaimo last week and of course, came home with nail polish just for MEEEE. Ya gotta love them! Aside: Did you know that Nanaimo is the largest online orders from across Canada? Ya, who knew? Not Toronto or Vancouver or Montreal. Nanaimo. No wonder they opened a new Sephora a block away from me. They must secretly know about my addiction to nail polish.

Anyway, that's what I decided to draw and paint up today, my new (and several old) nail polishes. And YES (if you're wondering if I actually wear these colors) I do wear them, I happily put blues, purples, pinks, magentas and all shades of green on my nails. That's how I roll. I embrace color in all it's forms. Besides, it's just nails, right? ;o)

Formula X Nail Polish Explosion
I love how the explosion of color came out! I've been practicing that for days and finally I think I've succeeded. After I had scanned the art I realized that I hadn't added the "Formula X" label on the front in white. It's hardly noticeable with all that color showing through the bottle anyway. We'll see tomorrow if I play with a white pen or not. My Uniball Signo white pen has been acting up so not sure if I'm gonna go there. I may just leave well enough alone. 

Anyway, thank you Tracey for the inspiration to find my way to this creative way of painting. I'm gonna try to apply this technique to veggies tomorrow. Ooh, holy exploding veggies Batman. I can see that as my next title or maybe I should include Robin in the title. I dunno, he was always such a wimp. I'll have to think on a good title. A friend used "Tales From The Crisper" as a title for a piece of art and I thought it was genius. Ya think she'd mind if I stole it for a title blog post? 

Obviously it's late and I'm getting a little punch drunk. Talk soon, after sleep. Later!


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