Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dry Lips Lead To Art

I find that throughout summer (and in winter for that matter) my lips can be notoriously dry. I'm not sure my friend Tracey knew this when she sent me some amazing lip balm by Delicious Skin, I think she sent it because it smells like chocolate. Ya, she does know me well. It truly smells divine and as the title implies, DELICIOUS. Anyway, I thought the packaging was so cute, lip balm in a tiny metal tin that clicks open, that I'd memorialize it in a drawing. I added my trusty Burt's Bees nourishing Acai berry lip balm to balance out the painting and hey, when you're doing lip balm, they all want to be models. ;o)
Delicious Skin & Burt's Bees Lip Balm Painting
I really, REALLY like the way the yellow exploded out of the Burt's Bees balm but the pink and blue didn't work as well with the other one. One out of two isn't bad. I do love how accurately I drew the Delicious Skin one though. I love those clicky containers too, they remind me of my childhood back in the 80's. Those kind of lip balms were SO popular back then, nice to see them coming back!

Pink Mini Fan
I then thought I'd paint up my newest painting acquisition, a mini fan that plugs into my computer using it's USB port. Cool, huh? It's only like four or five inches wide and really does help in drying that annoyingly wet paint when I'm being too impatient to let it dry for the fifteen or so minutes it'd normally need. Thankfully, I scanned it before I tried making it look like paint was being blown around. That experiment did NOT work. Yes, sometimes one screws up royally. *Sigh, suck it up Jenn* It was surprisingly difficult to draw three dimensionally. In fact, I got three quarters of the way through the painting then realized I hadn't drawn the back tines. It worked out though, I like it this way, glad I have a scan of it before the disaster.
Pinecone Painting

Last night I drew up half a dozen veggies and fruit because I wanted to go back and revisit them again, now that I'd learned (haphazardly) how to make the paint explode out of the drawing. I wanted to explore the colorful nature of veg and fruit again. I had one paint blotch left in purple so I drew up a pinecone to use up that piece of paper. I thought I'd use it as a warm up  this morning and see what I'd learned over the months since I'd done pinecones previously. I think it turned out great. I used a few different colors this time, like a new gamboge underpainting on the places that were gonna be the lightest and I used PB60 (Indanthrone blue) instead of black or Payne's grey this time for the dark bits and I also added a bit of permanent red on the tips of the light parts. You can click on it to get an enlarged photo.

I do have to reiterate how GREAT it is to scan my art. I can't get over just how much better it looks with the color all exactly as I painted it. The light in our apartment can be notoriously dark so photographing can be really hit and miss.

Tomorrow I'll be back with either a book review (if I finish the book tonight) or more colorful fruit and veg. You'll have to come back to see what you're gonna get. 


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