Sunday, June 21, 2015

Can Someone Answer The Phone?

So I'm playing with paint today. Not like before, I'm trying to paint with more freedom. I'm truly trying to splash paint around. I got another assignment yesterday. This was to really get creative with the paint splotches. Don't plan them out AT ALL. Like, don't even have any idea what you're gonna put on that page. Then pick five things around the house and draw them on the pages and get creative with the paint.

I thought I'd start with a little warm up, so I used the previous unpainted page of the left over leaves from yesterday. It was fun to get creative about color. I'm surprised that you can really paint something any color even if said thing is a specific color all the time. We still know what it is, even if it's color is wrong. 
Naked LeavesPainted Leaves
I found the rose leaves to be the easiest to do, probably because I made thousands of rose leaves over eight years when I made designer wedding cakes. I got to know the range of rose leaf colors and their veins intimately over those years. I have to admit that the four leaf clover was hard to get to look three dimensional but at least this page was meant to be a warm up. Onward and upward.
My Green Coffee Cup
My next plunge into paint was to try doing a cup, my most used cup, my hazelnut coffee cup. Ahhh, the love of a good cuppa must have inspired me here. I love how it turned out and I even figured out how to make the paint kind of explode out of the lines of the drawing. I've been wondering how Tracey Fletcher King accomplished that in so many of her successful paintings.

Finally, I tackled my phone. It has a strange shape and I have to admit that three quarters of the way through this one I thought it was totally ruined. It's amazing how white gouache and some good black pen lines can really rescue a painting. I learned a new thing, don't give up on a painting until the bitter end, lol.

Now I'm off to go fill that green cup with hazelnut coffee. I wish it was double the size, lol. Oh I wish I had some chocolate to go with it. *Sigh*
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