Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Book Review: "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" by Tilia Klebenov Jacobs

"Wrong Place, Wrong Time" another mystery by Tilia Klebenov Jacobs, was just so enjoyable. Ms. Jacobs is a wonderfully creative wordsmith and her writing truly creates a three dimensional mystery with enough details to describe complex characters and situations.

The mystery starts out by introducing our heroine, Tsara Adelman as a smart woman with and idillic life filled with a loving husband and two young children. We soon learn that Tsara's uncle Cass, who has been estranged from the family since Tsara's mother died, is giving a gala at his mansion. Tsara and her brother Court are invited to attend. With some grumbling, Tsara decides to go and try and burry the hatchet with her uncle, she remembers when they were close more than twenty years ago and she hopes to rekindle the familial relationship. Tsara travels to a small town in New Hampshire where her uncle Cass, seemingly, is thought of as some kind of benevolent monarche, employing many in the small town. That night Tsara is kidnapped from her bedroom in the mansion. Michael Westbrook, her kidnapper, claims Cass has kidnapped several children from the village, including Michael's own six year old son. Michael plans to trade Tsara for the children.

So starts "Wrong Place, Wrong Time", an aptly named mystery. Tsara and Michael end up running for their lives as two warped local police officers, who are owned by Cass, begin murderously pursuing both Michael and Tsara. Tsara's brother Court calls the FBI who begin searching for her and Michael. It is a race to find out who will find Tsara and Michael and whether they'll be found dead or alive.

This thriller not only contains a terrific mystery but also includes the aftermath of what happens to victims of traumatic events. The author writes excellently about the effects of kidnapping on the victim. Jacobs also adroitly makes the reader even have pity for Micheal. Yes he did the wrong thing in kidnapping Tsara but through wonderful prose, Jacobs helps the reader see why he did what he did. I have found that an author must be very good to make psychological issues in their characters come off as real and believable. 

Tilia Klebenov Jacobs successfully built complex and multiple layered characters in Tsara and Michael. It was a pleasure to read such an excellently rendered novel that was full of mystery, action, angst, pathos, regret and even redemption. Jacobs has written such a beautifully wrought novel that it certainly isn't just a mystery. It's so well worth the time. "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" has already been published on October 1st, 2015. It is certainly worth your time and would make a perfect fall read. I thought it deserved five stars.

a truly compelling read.

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