Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Book Review: "Wicked Charms" by Evanovich & Sutton

I've enjoyed reading many or Janet Evanovich's books in the past. In fact, I used to await the next book with baited breath every time I finished the latest offering. "Wicked Charms" by Janet Evanovich and Phoef Sutton has a similar feel to Janet's Stephanie Plum series. The difference between the two series' is in the main characters Lizzy and Stephanie. Lizzy Tucker isn't as unskilled as Stephanie Plum. there's also a bit of magic thrown into the mix with this series, making the book fun and other worldly. 

Lizzy is a spectacular baker who works at Dazzle's, an old, renowned bakery in Salem, Mass., but baking isn't her only talent. She is also what is called an Unmentionable. Lizzy has magical powers. She has teamed up with Diesel, another Unmentionable, to find seven magical stones. Each stone has the power of one of the seven deadly sins, pride, greed, lust, envy wrath, sloth and gluttony. Power seekers and treasure hunters throughout time have sought to posses these stones even though possessing them is fraught with danger.

In this, the third offering of the series, Lizzy finds herself seeking the stone of Avarice which imbues the possessor with unlimited greed and monitory power. She and Diesel battle against a billionaire who is using his money to buy Lizzy's affection, he wants to publish her cookbook and put her name on hundreds of bakery products. This time the hunt involves pirates, buried loot, treasure maps and gold coins. Lizzy and Diesel just want to rid the world of this dangerous stone before any one person can wield it's power.

As long as you are willing to suspend disbelief, this book was fun for about two thirds of it's pages. At that point it just began to get so silly that I kind of lost interest. Because the major part of the book was fun and the relationship between Lizzy and Diesel is interesting and spicy to read, I'm giving this book three out of five stars. I think it would be an entertaining beach read in between serious mysteries. I would think of it much like a palette cleanser. "Wicked Charms" is out now (as of June 23, 2015) and can be purchased as a paperback, Kindle book or a hardcover. 


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