Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Book Review: "The Insider Threat" By Brad Taylor

This is the second Pike Logan series book I've read and I absolutely loved the first one. "The Insider Threat" is the latest high energy thriller/mystery written by Brad Taylor and I couldn't say better things about it. It was spectacular. I also learned so much from this, the eighth Pike Logan thriller.

The Taskforce, a covert counterterrorist unit working for the United States government, has helped to deflect many attacks around the world. This time though, the chatter and the intel coming in just isn't enough information to help the Taskforce reach their goal, to take down terrorists threats. With Pike Logan and his team running head long into danger to stop an ISIS attack, it seems the terrorists are always one step ahead. What The Taskforce doesn't know is that there are actually two attacks planned and that's why the intel they're receiving isn't meshing. Always one step behind, it is only Logan and his team, joined by ex-Mossad agents standing in the way of a terrorist attack of unimaginable horror.

Not only was this an incredible thrill ride that kept me literally breathless as I turned page after page, but I also learned so much about how ISIS works. Until reading this book I really couldn't comprehend how Western youth could be tempted to join a Jihadist terrorist group. I now feel like I have a small grasp on what I'm hearing on the news each night. I also learned about how a highly trained military unit functions.

The book is made all the more real because I know that the author, Brad Taylor, is the real deal. He has actual experience. He is a retired Lieutenant Colonel and a twenty-one year veteran of the U.S. Army Infantry and Special Forces. He also had eight years with the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment popularly known as Delta Force. Brad Taylor, who retired in 2010, writes from experience and it shows in the harrowing details he expertly weaves into his stories. I intend on going back and reading the previous Pike Logan books, what a treat that'll be this summer!

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  1. heading to my kindle now. thanks yet again!!!

  2. so i'm seeing this is a pre-order on amazon. how did you get it already? hahaha! can i do that too?


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