Monday, June 15, 2015

...And The Beet Goes On

Teacher: Tracey Fletcher King
Would you be shocked if I said I was painting produce today? You wouldn't? Really? ;o)  My crisper runneth over with beautiful veggies. My latest venture into painting produce is my  golden beet. I was helped by Tracey in Delicious Paint. She gave me a bunch of tips like to use some purple to darken the shadows and to remember that shadows of anything have that thing's colors within the shadows (especially for bright colorful things). So, that means that there will be some orange within the shadow of the beet.

Golden Beet (using scanner)
I also took the time to scan my latest art. Normally I take photographs with my camera. I noticed that the photo of the golden beet was especially off in color. I try to color correct all my art to get it back to white paper but it's been difficult lately, especially for the beet. Therefore I got to know my scanner again this afternoon. What a difference a scanner makes! The beet and the baby bok choy are especially noticeable. I thought you might want to see what they look like scanned.
Baby Bok Choy (scanned)
I'm gonna start scanning all my art from now on. It makes such a difference that I can't believe I didn't do it sooner. It's a little more work but then I don't have to fiddle with color correcting which can seriously be a pain in the keister.
Asparagus (scanned)
If you're interested in joining me in Tracey Fletcher King's class Delicious Paint I think you might still be able to sign up. I think there may be only one or two spots left though and they've been going fast. We've added ten new students in the last week. Smart people, them. The class is amazing and I've never painted better, thanks to Tracey.

There'll be tomatoes tomorrow. Someone bring the mayo! ;o)

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  1. It's a brilliant class isn't it Jenn?
    Everyone seems to be enjoying it and progressing... but than Trace is such a great teacher. Your veggies are fantabulous. The shadows are something else and it's so interesting to hear about 'Traceys' tip. That sounds like a whole new feature in itself.
    I need to get a scanner now that my daughter's taken hers with her. Kids eh?
    Looking forward to seeing your toms... (sounds a little dodgy doesn't it? Or is that just me?)
    Have fun 😉 xoxo


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