Sunday, May 31, 2015

Book Review: "Twenty Eight & A Half Wishes" by Denise Grover Swank

I loved reading "Twenty-Eight & A Half Wishes", Denise Grover Swank's first book in her Rose Gardner mystery series. It was such a fun book to devour, and devour it I did. I don't think I put it down until it was finished. The good thing is that it's a really quick read so you can actually immerse yourself in the title for the whole day and finish it in one sitting if you start in the morning. I love being able to do that with books, although it's a rare treat these days.

I used to read a book all the way through when I was in University. On especially stressful weeks, when everything was falling on my shoulders, I'd eek out a complete day and go buy a pulp fast read, go down to the basement of the student union and sit for hours, just reading. It so much let the stress roll off my shoulders and made life good again. I found this book just like that kind of medicine. It's fun, easy, fluffy, interesting and just plain cute with a mystery thrown in for good measure.

"Twenty-Eight & A Half Wishes" is about a woman in her mid-twenties who hasn't experienced anything in life. She's been under her mean and demanding mother's thumb for her whole existence. One day Rose, who is usually compliant, sweet and submissive stands up to her mother's unreasonable demands one afternoon and walks out to get some air. In the park she goes to so she can clear her head, she writes a list on the back of a Walmart receipt, all the things she'd like to do. Rose wants to start experiencing life and shed her naive and sheltered existence. She does not, however, expect to  get back home that evening and find her abusive mother dead on the sofa. That's a little more extreme than Rose wanted, she just thought she'd be a little more vocal and not be such a doormat. But the whole town and the local constabulary think Rose must have "lost it" and beaten her mother to death with the bloody rolling pin found beside the body. Now Rose has to prove her own innocence and battle all the dirty looks from the townspeople. It's gonna be an uphill battle.

This book is a solid four of five stars. As I said, I loved it but I know some will find Rose's naïvety difficult to swallow. Here's the thing, just suspend disbelief and enjoy. I know of people who really do not live life and never try anything because they're cowed by mean relatives so I didn't find this unbelievable at all. If you have trouble believing in Rose's inexperience, just go with it and you'll love this fun, easy read. The best news is that Denise Grover Swank has written six more books in this series! So, now you can plan to read one of these gems a week throughout the summer and I'd suggest reading them as you lounge on a blanket in the sun with an umbrella drink close by. Enjoy!

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