Friday, May 22, 2015

Book Review: "Fixed In Blood" by T.E. Woods

This will be my second T.E. Woods mystery that I've reviewed. I loved "The Unforgivable Fix"  so I was looking forward to reading "Fixed In Blood". I certainly was not disappointed. This was a spectacular read, the thrilling mystery held me tight until the very last page.

Here's the gist of the book. The Fixer is on the hunt again. Psychologist Lydia Corriger is helping a young woman try to make a better life. The young woman comes to her office complaining that she's sick of working dead end jobs and fulfilling her parents' low expectations of her. She wanted to be different so Dr. Corriger began an intensive bit of behavior changing therapy. When Dr. Corriger got a late night call from her distraught patient, saying she was being forced to work off a debt by using her body, the doctor tries to intervene. She's shocked to find that Detective Mort Grant, her former friend, is also on the hunt for same people. What Dr. Corriger doesn't know yet is that two women are dead and all of these cases are connected. Is Dr. Corriger's patient the next slated to die?

Mort and Lydia (Dr. Corriger) decide to pool their resources because Mort knows Lydia's secret. She used to be The Fixer, an assassin who helped people with no other recourse. Mort is leery to trust Lydia again, he is unsure if she has really left "The Fixer" behind. Lydia's past is what shattered their friendship before and Mort isn't eager to reestablish any kind of relationship, even if it's professional.

This book was certainly a knock it out of the park, five out of five kind of thriller. I have one caveat. READ THE PREVIOUS BOOKS FIRST. Without the incredible history and background between Mort and Lydia, the reader would lose the meat of this book. As Denise, another reviewer said... "it would have been better had I been able to read those intervening stories first". She's right, go read "The Fixer", "Red Hot Fix" and "The Unforgivable Fix" first, you won't regret it. T.E. Woods has written a truly spectacular series here with heroes and villains that knock your socks off. Believe me, you'll thank me later. 

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